Clean Water in a Dry Village

Clean Water in a Dry Village

Pastor Paavak could not turn a blind eye from the needs he saw in the village he served in. After seeing families and individuals in his community thirst for a clean water source, he decided to act. In 2013, the GFA-supported pastor ministered in an Asian village that had 150 homes spread out over a vast area. The main water […] Read more »

Literacy Training Leads to Healing

How does a women’s literacy program result in physical healing? For Ragi, learning to read and write was not the only benefit of attending an adult literacy class. What she found was something that no doctor could offer. Literacy Class Effects Positive Change GFA-supported women missionaries offer many services to the communities they serve in. A group of women missionaries, […] Read more »

Riding Toward the Future

Paramita’s friends whizzed past her on their bicycles as she trekked the long four-mile journey to school. She longed to have a bike of her own so she could arrive to school on time, but every weekday morning, Paramita had to walk. She was often exposed to the harsher elements of weather. When it rained, her school books would get […] Read more »