Thriving Graduate Aims to Become a Teacher

Aayush didn’t study. How could he when his father disrupted the entire household in his drunken state? He watched as his mother endured continual verbal abuse and beatings executed by his intoxicated dad. School just didn’t seem important to distraught Aayush or to his troubled family. Besides—they couldn’t afford it. Aayush was a distressed little boy. The tussles and unrest […] Read more »

Frustration Replaced by Joy

Hamsa had a choice between pursuing the pleasures of the world and going to church. As she grew older, she invited negative influences into her life and gradually stopped attending Sunday School. Would she discover joy in Christ? Diligence Wears Off When Hamsa was a child, she diligently attended Sunday School. Although her parents attended church on Sundays, they never […] Read more »

Young Boy Turned Laborer After Father Murders Wife

Young Boy Turned Laborer After Father Murders Wife

6-year-old Akmal didn’t know where the train was heading, but he was sure of one thing: He was never going back. Why did his uncle beat him? Why did his father have to kill his mother? Now he was alone and unsure of his future. As the train’s wheels turned on the tracks, Akmal’s life took a turn of its […] Read more »

2-year-old Left to Die

Tears of compassion rolled down Dayalu’s face. He saw her. The skinny, frail body of a little girl, no more than 2 years old, sitting alone near a thorny bush. Ants covered her. She cried out in pain as they bit her innocent, little face. Swooping her up in his fatherly arms, Dayalu took her home with him. She was […] Read more »

Asian Child Laborer

Young Child Laborer Finds New Life

It burned. Ashmita hurled her exhausted young body into the kitchen. Her eyes stung as she cried out in agony. Chili powder washed off her small cheeks in a red stream as she anxiously tried to recover from the new form of abuse. But the pain in her eyes couldn’t compare to the pain and confusion found in her young, […] Read more »

Hope for an Over-worked Mom

Theeran and Aatmaja fell in love. Aatmaja came from a poor family, but they married anyway, much to the displeasure of Theeran’s parents. Though they faced opposition from their family members, they began to live a happy life together. Soon they had a beautiful little girl and named her Vahini. Everything looked picture perfect. Perfect … until alcohol entered the […] Read more »

When a Fever Breaks

Eight-year-old Aahva sat strangely silent among nine other children from the slum who had gathered for Sunday School. His unusual behavior didn’t go unnoticed by the GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion. When they asked Aahva what was wrong, he complained of a headache. They felt his forehead and quickly found it was aflame. The sisters tenderly prayed for him and sent […] Read more »

The Sound of Healing

Talika was partially deaf. She could barely make out anything of the Bible stories her teachers shared during a GFA-supported Vacation Bible School. But somehow, though she couldn’t hear the majority of what was being said, she felt the joy of Jesus through the activities she and many other children participated in. Answered Prayer Fading Her Gloom Talika and her […] Read more »

Father of Sunday School student finds healing

The Mustached Man at Sunday School

Young arms waved about in the air as 20 children danced to an action song under a tree. In the background, a middle-aged, mustached man seemed to be enjoying himself as much as the children. Curious about Christ Haran had received a piece of literature from his daughter’s Sunday School teachers just a few days before, and it made a […] Read more »

Dancing Mom, Alone Daughter

While Saima danced in color and fame for the crowds to put food on the family table, her 9-year-old daughter, Raizel, was left alone at home. After Saima’s husband died from alcohol addiction, she had no way to provide for her family. She found meeting the needs of her three daughters to be a heavy load to bear by herself. […] Read more »

Boy finds heart of gratitude

Bitterness Becomes Gratitude

Dirty, tattered clothes hung loosely over Kaling’s malnourished frame—poverty’s mark marred his appearance in many ways. Yet Kaling felt even more forlorn on the inside than he looked outwardly: Bitterness and insecurity churned in his young heart. Death took his father when Kaling was only 5 years old. With no father, the burden of providing for the family fell heavily […] Read more »

Grandparents in Asia raise grandson

Raising Grade-schoolers at 70 Years Old

Arvan’s son caused many arguments and severely troubled the family through his alcohol addiction and subsequent illnesses, but his death only brought more misery. Arvan watched his widowed daughter-in-law discard her responsibilities, leaving her three sons behind to start a new life with another man. How was Arvan, at 70 years old, supposed to provide for his grandsons? Grandparents Labor […] Read more »

Shy child grows in confidence

Special Love for a Withdrawn Child

Sumit stretched his hands out over the sick boy, fervently asking Jesus to heal Niral. During the past two years, Sumit had grown to love the child, and his heart cried out to God on Niral’s behalf. Teacher Invests in Shy Child When Sumit, a social worker serving at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope center, first met Niral […] Read more »

Slum children receiving education

Landlord Encourages Ministry Among Slum Children

Pravita, Esther and Sandi held their breath as they waited for their landlord to speak. If he still wanted them to leave their rented home, the three women would likely have to move to another part of the slum, far away from the slum children they ministered to and loved so dearly. Living and Serving Among Slum Dwellers Pravita, Esther […] Read more »

Orphaned child finds a home

Drugs, Cancer Took His Parents but Not His Hope

Tears rushed down Sam’s cheeks. His mother had succumbed to cancer, leaving the 6-year-old alone in the world. Soon, Sam’s father sent a message from prison—would someone please help his son? Family Ravaged by Self-indulgence and Illness Sam’s father, Afiba, left Nigeria to find work in Asia several years ago. He married, found a stable job and soon welcomed Sam […] Read more »