God often touches children's hearts through Vacation Bible School

VBS Touches the Heart of Teenage Rebel

Twenty children gathered for Vacation Bible School. Pastor Emet had planned many fun and educational activities for them, including action songs, teaching sessions and Scripture memory lessons. The pastor opened by praying for the Lord’s blessing over the three-day event. Fifteen-year-old Nirmanyu was one of the children in attendance, but he didn’t expect to get much out of what Pastor […] Read more »

While helping students excel academically, Bridge of Hope often helps students find their talents and abilities. a

Disaster Traps Family, Bridge of Hope Offers Way Out

Moving homes is often stressful, but for Sashmita and her family, moving wasn’t just a challenge; it was a painful hardship that threatened to ruin their chances for future success. They moved because they had lost all their property in a flood. Already poor, Sashmita’s parents struggled to get back on their feet and provide for their three children. But […] Read more »

He Answers Our Prayers

In a feverish voice, Tina called out to her parents. “Please pray for me to the Lord so I may get cured,” she said. Her parents had been doing everything they could to help their only daughter. They offered many sacrifices to their gods and goddesses, but their precious girl was slipping away from them. In the midst of her […] Read more »


The Lord Had Different Plans

One question kept playing over in Lalli’s mind: How would she provide for her family now that her husband was dead? When he was living, the little money he didn’t spend on alcohol helped them stay alive, but now, how would Lalli, as a housewife, fill her children’s hungry stomachs? Lalli fell into an emotional puddle as she tried to […] Read more »

Paper and Perseverance

Sanchali held high standards for herself. Though difficulties abounded from a life full of poverty, the young girl was determined to rise above them. Sanchali’s father worked hard selling firewood to provide for his family every day. Karan and his wife raised five children, four of whom were grown and married and lived with their own families. Only Karan, his […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope boy reading

Bridge of Hope Student Gives Back

Eight young pairs of eyes locked onto Agrima, who stood in front of them. Each child listened intently to his words, waiting for his instruction. Agrima was barely a teenager, yet he was making a difference in the lives and education of the children around him. Agrima came from a poor family. His father was a carpenter who worked hard […] Read more »

Brother and Sister in Bridge of Hope

A Chance Encounter Changed Their Lives

Not many 6-year-olds know how to take care of a baby, but that’s just what Jeeval had to learn. After his father died, his mother, Laksha, had nowhere to turn for help. She looked for work and performed menial tasks to earn some income, but whenever Laksha found labor for the day, she had to leave her 11-month-old daughter in […] Read more »

Boy Inspired to Help

Gandhik sat by himself while the rest of his classmates enjoyed each other’s company. Gandhik didn’t want to mingle with the other children. How could he when his life at home seemed like a mess? His father had moved out years before to live with another woman. His only sibling had gotten married, leaving Gandhik’s mother to care for him […] Read more »

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Children of Forgotten Slum Now Have Hope

In a village where the only lifestyle children knew of was laboring for their daily needs, the children never thought of going to school. Two thousand families live here on barren land owned by the government and struggle to make ends meet, while alcoholism consumes the people. “Nobody cares about the children of this village,” said a local Gospel for […] Read more »

Tears of Concern

As a widowed mother caring for her five children, Mukta did as much as she could to make sure they had everything they needed. But when her 6-year-old daughter, Roshni, became paralyzed, Mukta was at a loss for direction. Mukta took Roshni to a witch doctor, who performed many rituals and tried everything he could to heal Roshni, while at […] Read more »

Finding Joy Between the Lines

Young Abhinav had to quit school after seventh grade because of his family’s financial condition. He even had to move to a village two and a half miles away to live with his aunt, Mishti, to ease some of his parents’ financial responsibilities. He didn’t enjoy living with his aunt much; she’d often share with him about Jesus—something he didn’t […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope meals

Regaining the Love She Lost

Bala is an only child, but she didn’t grow up with any of the privileges normally attached to her position. Despite her father’s hard work as a laborer, Bala’s family hardly had the money for one meal a day—much less to dote on Bala with nice, new clothes or to send her to a good school. When Bala turned 5 […] Read more »

Father Healed, Son Is Home

Ritesh was like any 13-year-old in his village. His parents farmed for a living, so he was often out late with friends and faithfully served the gods of his culture. But even that had not kept Ritesh from rebelling against his parents, no matter how much they counseled him. “When I look back to my past life, really it was […] Read more »

Doctors Fail, VBS Teacher Prays

Saeeda crawled across the floor like a snake, but her children knew she wasn’t playing a fun game of pretend. The spirit attacking her caused this strange behavior, as well as severe stomach pain. Saeeda had tried medicine for the recurring attacks, and her husband took her to every place he could in search of her healing. Still, the family’s […] Read more »

VBS Student

A VBS Program ‘Beyond His Imagination’

Himesh hadn’t even hit his teens when he started breaking curfew. The 11-year-old boy had no respect for his parents and preferred spending late nights with his friends instead of listening to his parents’ lectures. One day, though, a Christian friend asked Himesh to visit a young GFA pastor named Chirayu. The pastor invited Himesh to attend a Vacation Bible […] Read more »