Families Receive New Hope

Meet Nadja, Sian and Garv—just a few people who received a gift through a Christmas gift distribution in their area. “We have no source of income in my family. I know how to stitch clothes, but I couldn’t afford to buy a sewing machine,” Nadja said. “Today my family got new hope to earn money though this sewing machine.” “I […] Read more »

A Disrupted Visit to the Temple

Asmita couldn’t move one more inch. She and her family were headed to a nearby temple when excruciating pain suddenly filled her stomach. In a matter of minutes, her destination changed from the local temple to the nearest hospital. When 22-year-old Asmita arrived, the doctors could not find the cause of her pain. Asmita’s parents brought her home and called […] Read more »

When the Sorcerer Didn’t Show Up

Gathered around Mayil here and there were the faces of children, hungry to learn and eager to hear the stories she had to share. She often spent time tutoring them from their lessons in school and teaching them Bible stories. But Mayil, a Gospel for Asia-supported women missionary, wasn’t openly accepted by all of the people in this village. The […] Read more »

Village Chief Stands Up for Pastor

Guilty or innocent? This question consumed the minds of all the people in the village meeting. Villagers had accused Pastor Caka of causing disunity in the village and teaching the people of his congregation to keep away from the other villagers. All sides were heard—now it was up to the village chief to give the final word. Opposition and False […] Read more »

Disturbed Wanderer—Answered Prayers

Anxiety surged through Tandi’s mind and heart. Her husband had been missing for almost a year and the full weight of providing for the family fell on her shoulders. She worked as hard as she could in the fields, but the knowledge that her husband was gone lurked in the shadows of her mind. Deep sorrow and hopelessness invaded her […] Read more »

Son Teaches Mother to Read

As Benu heard the sound of the letters of the alphabet, she realized her dream was coming true. She looked up at her son as he stood teaching the class of adults. He looked so grown up. He was still a young man, but he had received the treasure of an education, something Benu had always desired for all her […] Read more »

As Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries share Christ's love, many women are experiencing the transforming grace of Christ.

A Witch Doctor Who Couldn’t Heal Herself

“If you believe in Jesus, He will set you free from all bondages and give you eternal life.” These words rang a sweet melody of joy and hope in Smita’s heart. She longed for deliverance, and the woman at her side gave her much assurance and comfort. Devotion Leads to Witchcraft Smita grew up as a devout follower of her […] Read more »

After receiving prayer in the name of Jesus, many people in Asia are finding freedom.

Drawn to the Shouts Next Door

Kamala had prayed to numerous gods and goddesses since she was a young girl. As an adult, she followed these deities with great devotion, spending much of her time worshiping at various holy sites. During a religious festival one day, after Kamala had finished her rituals, she suddenly fell to the ground in a heap. Her husband, Yamha, scooped her […] Read more »

Alone No More

When Durjaya left for work one morning more than 20 years ago, Sahoj never expected it would be the last time she’d see her husband alive. Along with his regular job, Durjaya often trekked into the forest to collect firewood to support his family. It was one of these times, as he and two men were loading the wood onto […] Read more »

The pastor who loved singing won the hearts of many

The Singing Pastor

Ahead, around, and now behind him, there were shouts and whispers as people called to one another, proclaiming his arrival. Soon a small crowd formed, closing in on every side, reaching out, reaching up. Joy spilled from the Gospel for Asia pastor as he reached down to touch a little boy on the head. Pastor Navashen was surrounded by children. […] Read more »

mini pictire

Elderly Couple Fears Losing Wealth

The man and his wife strained year after year tending their field and raising their livestock in order to gain riches. They rendered sacrifice after sacrifice to their gods, seeking their blessings and dreading their curses. Their efforts paid off. Decades later, with their children grown and moved out, Deepak and Padma had plenty to live on. But it wasn’t […] Read more »

"This church building is a house of prayer and a place of worship for everyone."

Open for All

“This church building is a house of prayer and a place of worship for everyone,” the pastor said. His words astonished Mano. Mano had expected conflict, but instead, he was met with kindness. The church building was “for everyone.” The inclusive words softened his heart. Change of Heart For many years Mano was strongly against Christianity. He often planned to […] Read more »

woman praying and fasting

She Prayed for Two Years

Ridhima hadn’t eaten for three days. Her stomach protested. Her body felt weak. One more time, she clasped her hands, closed her eyes and lifted up a prayer to the Lord Jesus. But she didn’t pray for food—she prayed for Jesus to touch the heart of one of the women in the village. She asked Him to save Manjyot. Ridhima […] Read more »

St. Thomas Cross carved in stone

Everything Changes When You Fall in Love

This post is an excerpt from a Five Minutes with K.P., a devotional column printed in Gospel for Asia’s quarterly magazine, GFA World. In it, K.P. Yohannan shares how, in the early days of his ministry in the U.S., he found his love for Jesus growing cold as he became more distracted by material things; he found himself losing the […] Read more »

Quiet time with Jesus

Jesus Changed Her Heart

Haneet grew up with a notoriously bad temper and often cursed in her rage. When Haneet first met Nanditha, a GFA woman missionary, she mocked her beliefs. “All gods are the same,” Haneet said. “There is nothing different between the gods that the Christians or anyone else are worshiping. The difference is only in the name. They all lead to […] Read more »