How a Young Woman Unlocked the Greatest Treasure

Below is the story of how a GFA-supported literacy class impacted the life of Soorat, 22. I have a father, mother, one sister and two younger brothers. My father is a laborer, and my mother is a housewife. Due to financial difficulty, I was not able to go to school. I was involved in household chores. My father was a […] Read more »


Eyes Open to the Lord

Daha couldn’t work. Blind since birth, he was used to certain restrictions, but he tried to make the most of his life. He had taught himself how to play multiple instruments and how to sing, and through his talent, he earned enough to provide the basic needs for his family. But a strong sense of misery still hung over him. […] Read more »

man encouraged to pray

Wayward Man Returns to Faith

Mandin and his family worshiped the village gods—at least, that is what they had resorted to. When several believers visited his home one day, they asked him about his knowledge of Jesus. His demeanor suddenly changed, and a shadow of defeat crossed his face. “Four years ago, I was a Christian,” Mandin said, “but because of opposition from our villagers, […] Read more »

Counting Her Days

Kalpana just could not understand why her skin felt as though it were burning. It was unbearable. The only time relief came was when she was sitting in a water tank, yet she often suffered from a cold because of being in the water so often. Kalpana’s husband and children witnessed her suffering. They could remember enjoying an easy life […] Read more »


Woman’s Worries Are Prayed Away

Jyoti spent her time caring for her two children and trying to ensure her family was run well, while her husband labored in short-term jobs to provide for them. But when the summer came and her husband did not get any jobs, the worries of each day became nearly unbearable. Jyoti worried relentlessly about how her family would survive. Eventually, […] Read more »


A Haunted Widow

Even the local missionaries knew the rumors about Tanuka: Her house was haunted and even she was under the control of an evil spirit. The rumors weren’t entirely wrong. At 70 years old, the only help widowed Tanuka received from her four grown and married children was a monthly stipend and occasional visits from her daughter. It was more than […] Read more »

Women in church

The True God and Other ‘Unnecessary Thoughts’

Life is complicated, Chameli told herself again. Why should I entertain unnecessary thoughts? But ever since the 16-year-old had heard about Jesus at the Bridge of Hope center she attended, she couldn’t stop thinking about her neighbors’ religious practices. If there are many gods, which one is the true God? Why do some members of the community forsake their own […] Read more »


From Nighttime Terror to Sweet Rest

The house looked like it had been deserted long ago; cobwebs filled the rooms, but Maalai, Safia and Tannishtha ventured inside anyway, pressing toward the mysterious moaning they had heard from outside. The three women were Sisters of Compassion: national women missionaries specially trained to offer care in some of the most desperate communities. Whatever waited for them, they were […] Read more »

National Missionary

The Gospel Gave Her Hope

Ruchira, along with her husband, Jayin, came from a deeply religious background. She prayed and practiced rituals regularly to receive blessings for her life. However, there came a time when her life was anything but blessed. Ruchira started behaving strangely toward her husband and children, acting roughly and saying hurtful things for no apparent reason. She did not take care […] Read more »

Widow and family now have hope

Widow Wishes She’d Heard of Jesus Sooner

Amari became a widow three years ago at just 37 years old. Her husband, Selvan, was attacked with witchcraft and became seriously ill. Amari and Selvan tried to get help from doctors and performed many rituals and sacrifices for Selvan’s healing, but it was all in vain and he passed away. Since Selvan had been the family’s only source of […] Read more »

A dream come true

A Mother Eager To Learn

Marya longed to help her five children in their studies so they could succeed in life, but there was just one problem: She couldn’t read. Marya could look after the children, take care of the house and even help her husband, Ravi, in the fields, but when it came to her children’s studies, she had nothing to offer. Marya had […] Read more »

Women's Fellowship

Abandoned and Abused

After five years without children, Nadia’s husband decided he’d had enough and married another woman, but starting over wasn’t quite so easy for Nadia. Her parents were gone, so she moved in with her older sister and began sewing clothes to earn her living. The new home, however, was far from being a peaceful refuge: Nadia’s husband had wanted nothing […] Read more »

Greatest Wish is to Read

Siddhi was grateful she could attend her local church and hear the Bible being taught, but the thought of reading the Word for herself consumed her. Only one thing was standing in her way—Siddhi didn’t know how to read. Only 65 percent of women in South Asia know how to read, so being a 45-year-old who couldn’t read was not […] Read more »

Dream of Education Dies with Father

For years, Chaaya endured the embarrassment of asking for directions in small towns or for the names of stores when she wanted to go shopping. The shame Chaaya felt did not come because she was lost or confused, though. It was because, even as an adult, she was not able to read. Chaaya’s father had died early, so Chaaya took […] Read more »

Struggling Family Returns to Christ

When Gospel for Asia women missionaries Himani and Vipra visited the home of Jasveer and Nayana to share about Jesus with them, the young family’s troubles soon came to the surface. Nayana opened up to the missionaries about the physical and emotional pain she had been suffering as a result of her husband’s drunken outbursts. However, Himani and Vipra learned […] Read more »