Young Girl Brings New Life to Family

Bridge of Hope studentHaving two sons and a young daughter to care for, Mitali did not have much time to mourn the death of her husband. She suddenly became the sole provider for her children, and often, the work she found didn’t provide much.

Seeing her children regularly go without meals broke Mitali’s heart. She often cried in secret over the condition her children were in, but there was nothing more she could do to ease the pain or the hunger.

One day while helping with routine housework, Mitali’s daughter, Loukya, told her about the dreams she had of someday attending a good school and growing up to become a “responsible woman.”

Little did Matili know, Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope would soon offer that very opportunity to Loukya.

Staff members visited Mitali’s home one day and listened as she told them about her problems. When they went back to the center and shared about the family, the center’s leaders decided to enroll Loukya.

Loukya was overjoyed. She started going to the center every day and flourished under the guidance and love of the workers. Matili and her neighbors were happily surprised to see the changes in the young girl’s life. She didn’t just do well in class, she carried all her enthusiasm home with her, too.

Loukya asked her mother to have morning devotions and prayer in the evenings. The young girl would recite Bible verses her teachers taught her, and the staff members from the Bridge of Hope center continued to encourage the family and share God’s love with them.

Matili’s anxieties and troubles have been replaced with the peace of Christ. Their home is full of joy, and Matili has hope for her daughter.

“One day my daughter will become a good and ‘responsible woman,’” she said.

See how Bridge of Hope changes the lives of children and their families every day!

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  1. Mike Chalke

    praise God for how He turns nothing into something good. Hope is all around us we just have to open our eyes, let us continue to help those in need with prayer, financial support, getting the Word out, and or however we can reach the lost for Christ.

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