Family Ravaged by Drugs, Alcohol and Demons

TD10-06699Day after day, Aniij came home from work completely drunk and he beat his wife and two young children. Jeevitha and Kamboj, 11 and 12 years old, had not always suffered under the drunken, angry hand of their father. Their home had been safe and happy before Aniij had become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Jeevitha and Kamboj were cared for by staff members at the Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope center they attended, but once they left the walls of the center, there was no peace in their lives. Not only had substance abuse taken over their father, but every time there was a half or full moon, evil spirits controlled him.

When the Bridge of Hope staff members heard about what was happening to the children and their mother at home, they visited the family to share Christ and pray with them. In answer to their earnest prayers, God delivered Aniij from the bondage of demons and his addictions.

Aniij is now building a small house for his family, and the joy and safety that will surely fill it are from Jesus Christ.

“My life is changed because of my two little children who attend the Bridge of Hope center,” Aniij shared, “They prayed for me, and I see that their lives have been transformed through Bridge of Hope. I want to see my children growing in the knowledge of God. I will live my life as a good father so that my children can follow me in the days to come.”

God often uses Bridge of Hope children to change their families and communities with Christ’s love.

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