Strangers in the Slums

Slum ministry - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanNabha was born into a family familiar with disappointment. Years ago, they had arrived in the city, hoping to make a decent salary. Instead, they roamed the dirty streets, collecting garbage for meager wages.

When Nabha grew up, she married and contracted tuberculosis. Between the births of her two children, Nabha’s husband, Padman, took her to the hospital and bought many medications, but Nabha always grew weaker. Then, one day, Padman died.

In the midst of trying to save his wife, Padman had suffered from a tumor on his neck. When it overtook him, Nabha was left alone in the city’s slum with two small children to care for.

Padman’s mother moved in to take care of the children, while Nabha worked to provide a small income. All the while, the tuberculosis continued, threatening to steal a second parent from Nabha’s children.

Hope Visits on Wednesdays

Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Kalki and his wife, Hafiza, didn’t know Nabha’s story, but they knew the heartache that seeped into her neighborhood in the slums. They desperately wanted the residents to know Christ’s healing love.

The first time the couple met Nabha, she was more frightened than soothed by their presence. They were strangers in the area, and Nabha didn’t know what to think of them. But as Pastor Kalki and Hafiza continued visiting the slum every Wednesday, they began building a relationship with the widowed mom.

Nabha told them about her husband’s death, her struggle to provide on her own and the disease she had endured for five years. Hearing this, the couple encouraged Nabha from the Bible and told her about Jesus and His power to heal.

Learning about Her Healer

As the couple continued to visit the slum each week, they also prayed for Nabha’s healing. Gradually, the Lord granted their request. After her miraculous recovery, Nabha began attending Pastor Kalki’s church regularly and learning more about the One who rescued her.

Pastor Kalki and Hafiza continue to minister in the slums, and they pray many more people will come to know Christ’s merciful love and trade a life of disappointment for one of beautiful expectation.

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