Rescued From His Family

Rescued From His Family - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanTansu lay dying. All hope of rescue was gone, and his heart welled up with discouragement. Sorrow engulfed him as he thought about the cause of his fate. His own family sought to destroy him, and if they had turned the goddess of his childhood against him, then who would save him now? Day by day his life slipped away.

From Security to Helplessness

Tansu once had been a successful, hardworking laborer with 25 people under his leadership. He was secure in his status and position, and he devotedly served his deity of health and wealth. Seeing his success and happiness caused envy to arise in his relatives’ hearts, so they performed witchcraft against him.

Tansu’s body flamed with unexplained sickness. When he went to a witch doctor, he was told that his family had turned his deity against him and was now trying to destroy his life. Facing this painful betrayal of his family, without the favor of the god he was serving, Tansu saw no hope in sight.

First Glance of Hope

But Tansu’s sister Kasi had hope. She had seen God perform many miracles in her life. Kasi knew of the life found in Jesus and shared it with her brother. She told him Jesus could heal and rescue him. Kasi gave Tansu her pastor’s information so he could hear more about this loving, peaceful God.

Tansu met with Pastor Omid and shared all he had been going through. The Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor comforted Tansu with God’s Word and fervently prayed and fasted for him. God heard Pastor Omid’s faithful cries and healed Tansu completely, freeing him from the evil spirits that were attacking his body. Tansu, with gratefulness, stood up in the church and testified of all God had done for him.

“My close family members tried to destroy my life,” Tansu said. “But Jesus Christ is not like them. When I came to Him with my sinful life. . . He heard my cry and forgave my sins. He gave me new life and called me His son. … Before I knew Him, He called me.”

Embracing True Life

Today Tansu’s life bears testimony of this new life. Tansu is grateful that God rescued him from the hands of those who tried to destroy his life.

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  1. Brittany

    Amen…. this story is so special. God can turn what others meant for evil into good.

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