Hope Amidst Agonizing Headaches

Hope Amidst Agonizing HeadachesAfter two years, it seemed Keya could no longer bear the pain these severe headaches inflicted. She had given up expectation of ever getting better, and she was continually discouraged about her condition. In agony, Keya’s husband watched his bride suffer. As a daily wage laborer, he didn’t make enough money for sufficient treatments, and he had already spent much of his income on doctor bills, though nothing brought his wife relief.

The family struggled with despair. The weight of this depression dragged them down. But the Lord saw their helplessness. One day, two women with the love of Christ burning in their hearts brought a ray of hope into Keya’s life.

Women’s Fellowship Missionaries Share God’s Love

Two women from a Women’s Fellowship in a nearby village visited Keya’s village. When they met Keya, they began to share about the love of God and the miracles of Christ. After Keya listened to the women, she opened up to them and told them about her illness. With compassion, the women encouraged Keya with God’s Word and began to pray for the Lord’s healing.

Keya was so moved and touched by the love these two women showed her that she began to embrace Christ’s love for herself and attend church faithfully every Sunday. And as the Women’s Fellowship continued to pray, the Lord healed Keya completely!

A Testimony of Hope

Keya no longer is overcome by discouragement. She knows God loves her and He is able to perform miracles. She faithfully attends church and shares with her friends and neighbors what God has done in her life.

Through the Women’s Fellowship’s constant prayers and encouragement, Keya and her family drew closer to the love of Jesus. Now Keya has found hope—that once seemed lost—in Christ alone.

The Lord is using the prayers and ministry of Women’s Fellowships to draw many hearts to Himself. Through the prayers and acceptance of these faithful sisters, other women, like Gunita are receiving healing and love in their hearts, too.

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  1. Sharon

    It is wonderful to hear how God is touching the lives of our Indian brothers and sisters in Christ

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