From Being Worshiped to Worshiping the True God

From Being Worshiped to Worshiping the True GodHtin Khin was 5 years old when his parents sent him to a religious institution to live. He quickly learned and followed the daily rituals and various activities of his new home and tried his best to do good things.

By the time Htin Khin was 20, he was a spiritual leader over a village of about 500 families. Because he was so well-versed in the practices and beliefs of their traditional religion, all the villagers obeyed what he said. They willingly gave him food, donated their precious items to Htin Khin and even began worshiping him as a god.

Throughout the years, Htin Khin discipled 400 young men in the ways of his religion. He built 20 other religious institutions and trained many children, just as he had been trained, to practice their faith.

Not once did Htin Khin ever hear about Jesus—not until he was 41 years old.

One day, Htin Khin met Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Tamkinat, who had begun ministering in a nearby village.

“Do you know about Jesus Christ?” Pastor Tamkinat asked.

“I do not know who Jesus is,” Htin Khin replied.

Pastor Tamkinat then told him about Christ and explained the differences between Christianity and the religion Htin Khin had devoted his life to. Because Pastor Tamkinat had grown up following the same religion Htin Khin did, he knew how to help the religious teacher understand the truth about Jesus.

After listening to Pastor Tamkinat, Htin Khin decided he wanted to learn more. The two men developed a friendship, and the pastor was able to share from God’s living Word. Htin Khin even attended a four-day Christian conference where he came to fully understand that Jesus is the Savior.

After the conference, Htin Khin made a bold declaration to forsake his life as a revered religious teacher and follow in the footsteps of Christ. Even though the villagers weren’t happy with his decision, Htin Khin regularly prays to the Lord for His guidance and protection.


God is able to break the strongest chains of bondage. Read how a woman devoted to witchcraft experienced the power of Christ.

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  1. Jacob

    Praise God!

  2. Angela

    It is the GOODNESS of God that leads to repentance. He knows the hearts cry of every human on the earth and willingly meets us where we are…..and loves us on to the next path in life.

  3. David


  4. Thomas

    Praise be to our ever living Lord Jesus.

  5. Luis

    God is good, merciful, and very, very patient… Praise JAH Almighty…!!!

  6. Peter

    Praise God. I know Lord Jesus Christ can change life’s. Amen

  7. Tamela

    Thank you for those words of encouragement. I need them right now.

  8. Kido

    Praise God! Those who sit in darkness have seen great light

  9. Kharima

    Very beautiful the journey Christ will put you on and still find you.

  10. Nicholas

    Very encouraging.

  11. kim

    This is indicative of two wonderful things – the dedication and faith of Pastor Tamkinat and the working of God in the life of Htin Khin.
    What a miracle ! And I wonder what changes Htin Khin might nfluence through the Lord on the rest of the villagers with Pastor Tamkinat’s guidance.

  12. Genny

    Praise God for opening spiritual eyes, and ears. to see and hear about Jesus, Thank you Lord Jesus, you will always make a way. for people to know and understand, than Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

  13. Helen

    Thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit. May God continue to protect and give him the grace to hold on to Him in every situation. May he be a vessel in Gods hands to bring his former followers to Christ in Jesus mighty name. God bless the and empower the pastor/evangelist the more in Jesus name. (Amen)

  14. Robert

    It just shows that someone can never be too set in their ways to change and accept God’s effectual call.

  15. Arul

    Praise the mighty name of Jesus!

  16. Brandon

    Amen! God can work through anyone who is willing to be used. And now that the blinders are off, it’ll be amazing what Htin Khin and his story will accomplish. Thank you Lord!!

  17. Denise

    What an absolutely glorious story to read about this young man. God is still working & most definitely in control. Praise be unto God, for opening this man’s eyes, heart, & understanding. What a testimony!! It makes my heart very happy to read about Htin Khin finally coming to know the truth. God is very much alive & still performing miracles.

  18. Mary


  19. Grace

    amazing… the angels sing glory. Praise the Lord.

  20. marcos

    A palavra de DEUS está se cumprindo em toda TERRA. ELES também fazem parte do REINO DE DEUS. Que as BÊNÇÃOS. estejam com todos.

  21. Hosting

    True worship is a choice made by the worshipper, not something that happens. True worship is not measured by emotional responses, but by a change in the life of the worshipper.

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