No Longer Fighting for Water

A Jesus Well relieves water shortage
Jesus Wells, like this one, provide villages across Asia with clean water and a daily reminder of God’s love.

It had been the same pattern, day after day. People crowding around the water, arguing and quarreling over the precious but limited supply. No one wanted to be late to work or, even worse, go home with an empty bucket.

Villagers Lack Sufficient Water

Obvious distinctions could be seen between families in Malik’s village, especially in regard to water. Those who ranked higher in society used pumps to provide water for their families, while those of lower status, too poor to buy pumps, shared water delivered to them by the government twice a day. When the deliveries failed to meet all of their needs, the villagers fought over the precious commodity.

Malik’s family struggled to collect water alongside other low-caste families. Malik took care of his wife, son and four daughters by running a small shop and by working as a driver, yet even with his income, providing water for the family posed a challenge. His children often arrived late to school because of the time it took to fetch water; sometimes his family didn’t have anything to drink.

Jesus Well Gives Freely to All

One day, Malik happened to meet Pravan, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor ministering in his area. Hearing the difficulties Malik and other families faced in collecting enough water, Pastor Pravan assured Malik he would do anything he could to help the village. Filled with compassion, Pravan also shared about the hope of Christ he carried within his heart.

Pastor Pravan returned home that day and prayed for the villagers who lacked water. Seeing their evident need for water, his leaders arranged to install a Jesus Well.

Soon, a new daily pattern started. The Jesus Well provided water at any time and for anyone who wanted it. Their water supply now produced joy and kindness instead of bickering. Malik and the other villagers no longer had any need to wait for water deliveries or to fight over water—the well flowed with plenty for all.

 Curious About the Generous God

Pastor Pravan knew the people in this village needed clean water, but he also knew they needed the Living Water. He rejoiced at how God provided for their physical needs through the Jesus Well, and he diligently asked God to use the well to bless the village in other ways, too.

God answered his prayers! While villagers enjoyed the water from the Jesus Well and observed the love so generously demonstrated to all people—regardless of social class—curiosity grew within their hearts about the God who loves so freely. And the way Pastor Pravan asked for nothing in return for the precious gift to the community, awed the villagers. As they listened to Pastor Pravan with new interest, Pravan believed his prayers for Malik and many others to find hope in Christ would soon be answered, too.


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