An Empty Heart Filled with Love

Unhappy. Discontent. Void of purpose. Empty. That’s how 28-year-old Basudha felt. With his sisters married and his parents passed on, Basudha was, for the most part, alone. Basudha followed his family’s local practices and rituals, but nothing brought him happiness—not his work and not his beliefs.

The Joy of Christmas

One of Basudha’s coworkers, Rayan, was a member of the local church. Being a close friend of Basudha, Rayan knew about the pain and hollowness that dwelt within Basudha. He shared the hope of Jesus with Basudha. He also knew of an upcoming event that was perfect for his unhappy friend.

Rayan’s fellowship, led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Malachai, was organizing a Christmas program. Bright lights and songs were part of the celebration.

Rayan invited the cheerless Basudha, hoping he could find some happiness. Surprised but grateful, Basudha went.

Basudha was given a New Testament, similar to the one pictured, to take home. The message within changed his life.

The Story of the One Who Saves

On Christmas Day, Basudha entered the place of worship. Seeing the colorful lights and hearing the beautiful songs excited him, and then the pastor shared a story Basudha had never heard before. It was a story about the birth of Jesus Christ. For the first time, Basudha heard of the One who died for his sins. This Jesus loved him.

Basudha felt a burning desire to know more. After the program ended, Basudha met Pastor Malachai and shared about his desire to know Jesus. The pastor gave him a New Testament. Hungry to know more, Basudha immediately began reading it as soon as he reached home.

Filled with Love

As Basudha read the New Testament and began attending services, the peace that had eluded him for so long started to fill his heart. The joy at discovering he was loved transformed Basudha, and he fully welcomed Christ into his life. The once morose and dreary man, through the message of Christmas, found hope and love. Basudha’s heart is no longer empty; Christ now dwells within.

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  1. Summer

    There are so many cheerless, joyless and purposeless people in the world. Sometimes, this they see this state as normal in their lives because they have been living it for so long a time. However, it takes somebody else to show them that there is more to life than just living. There is more to life than just surviving. As Christians, we are mandated to be like Jesus, a light to those in darkness. People who have lived in darkness would not know about the light unless somebody shows them the light. Basudha was blessed because of Rayan, a friend who showed him the light. I wish there are more Rayan’s in the world who will show the light to those in darkness.

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