Bride of Christ Grows Through Couple’s Wedding

Couple getting married

This godly couple joins their lives together before God, just as Radale and Sashini did on their wedding day.

Sashini reviewed all she knew about the young man in question. His reputation spoke of politeness, self-discipline and good habits; he had been working for 10 years; he was well-known by Sashini’s aunt. All of those qualities looked promising in a prospective husband.

One thing, however, seemed problematic: This young man followed Christ. Sashini and her family did not. What would he think of their different religious views, and would he marry her anyway?

Finding a Groom

Sashini’s older sisters had already married, and now it was her turn. Poverty had prevented Sashini and her sisters from completing school, so now as a young woman, Sashini spent her days caring for the house and preparing the family’s meals. Her parents worried about her being alone all day while they worked in the tea fields. A husband’s companionship was what she needed, they decided, so they set out to find a suitable match. In doing so, they found much more.

Sashini’s mother, Kenuli, took the lead in searching for a young man. She contacted one of her sisters, who told her about a Christian man named Radale. Kenuli’s own husband drank excessively and smoked, wasting their small income on his habits, so Kenuli prioritized finding a man for her daughter who rejected those temptations. Although she was wary that Radale didn’t share their faith, Kenuli decided to give him a chance because of his good reputation.

Radale, who lived in another country, came home for Christmas vacation and stayed with his family near Sashini’s home. During that vacation, Sashini and Radale met each other for the first time. The character Sashini saw in Radale made her even more interested.

The Power of Love

To help Sashini see why he loved Jesus, Radale invited her to join the worship services at the GFA-supported church he and his parents attended. Sashini decided to go every Sunday, and her heart stirred as she learned about Christ. By the end of two months, Sashini decided to ask Jesus into her life.

Overjoyed by Sashini’s decision to live for Jesus, Radale and his family developed a close bond with Sashini and her family. The two families met together frequently on weekends, and they even prayed together before going home. The GFA-supported pastor at Radale’s church also developed a relationship with Sashini’s family, and soon Kenuli asked Jesus for new life, too.

Sashini considered all the changes and blessings in her life that came in such a short time. God’s love had changed her life and given her a future.

“Earlier, I was so sorrowful and afraid of my future and for my parents,” Sashini says. “But now God has given me joy and peace.”

Marriage Leads Family into Peace

Sashini’s faith grew stronger over time—as did her desire to marry Radale. After three months, she and Radale agreed to marry. A few days later, they joined hearts in marriage before the Lord.

The blessings kept flowing. After Sashini’s older sisters attended the wedding and got to know Radale, they also both wanted to learn about Jesus! They joined Sashini and Radale for weekly prayer times—which grew to include 15 family members—and eventually, all the sisters and their families embraced Jesus as their Savior.

“I thank God for giving me salvation and also for my husband, Radale, who led me to Christ,” Sashini says. “Through our relationship and marriage, my elder sisters also came to know about the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a great happiness to all of us.”

Nearly all of Sashini’s family now has eternal hope because of Radale’s example of living for God.

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