widow with cancer finds hope

Rescued from the Train Tracks

Kalyani’s husband died four years ago, leaving her to finish raising their youngest son on her own. Working on a farm, Kalyani struggled to make ends meet. One day, agonizing pain tore through Kalyani’s stomach and she was rushed to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with kidney cancer and immediately performed emergency surgery. During her week-long hospital stay, Kalyani’s niece […] Read more »

Man praying

Prayer Unlocks Abundant Blessings for Key Maker

Talak, 45, operated his own roadside business as a key maker, but for it to be successful, he had to overcome a mound of difficulties. In Asia, making keys can provide a decent income. However, with no guiding regulations in the industry, it is up to each individual key maker to display integrity and discern whether a potential customer is […] Read more »

In remote villages, radio may be the only chance people have to hear about Christ.

Tuning in to Hope

It was a day like any other for Kaneila. She completed her household tasks, attended to her children’s needs and did what she could to prepare for her husband’s return home from working in the Philippines. As she settled in to listen to her radio, she was drawn by the message of Bishop Antonius Mor Eusebius on a GFA radio […] Read more »

girls riding bicycles

Girl’s Accident Brings Unexpected Blessing

Cars, rickshaws, and bicycles whizzed by Rajalmati as she made her way home from school. The 16-year-old girl didn’t mind walking through the maze of traffic to and from school every day, even when she saw her friends riding on bicycles or in cars. Rajalmati’s parents tried their best to provide for her education, but they couldn’t afford to give […] Read more »

Now Khanjana and his family see that they are valued and have worth.

Fisherman’s Isolated Hut Transforms into Gathering Place

As a lonely fisherman, it seemed life had little to offer Khanjana besides hard work and the derision of society. Khanjana adopted the worth others had assigned to him, which was diminutive. The rejection and isolation he and his family faced crushed his spirit. Khanjana wanted more for his two sons, but it seemed no one cared about, or even […] Read more »

woman receives literacy training through GFA

Literacy Opens Business Opportunities For Woman

Was this the bus Preshti needed? Or was it that one? Visiting her mother in another city always proved to be a challenge for the 45-year-old mother of four. She couldn’t read the signs. Growing Up Illiterate Preshti was among the two-thirds of women in her area who are illiterate. Growing up, Preshti was not able to attend school because […] Read more »

Ruhae is a widow that now takes care of her grandchildren

God’s Peace Comforts a Widow’s Heart

Her son was murdered. Her daughter-in-law and husband both succumbed to illnesses. Ruhae was the last living relative for her grandchildren but at 77-years-old, she knew she wouldn’t live much longer. Who would take care of her young grandchildren, only 12 and 8 years old, when she passed? Hardened by the World That question kept Ruhae up at night as […] Read more »

A Flood’s Devastation Leads to a Village’s Celebration

In December, 24 families, all members of a GFA church in Sri Lanka, watched in horror as their homes were flooded by nearly three feet of water. The flood waters raged for 10 days, leaving those affected unable to work and provide for their families. The situation looked uncertain and scary, but through the compassionate care of fellow believers, these […] Read more »

Jesus well blesses an entire village

Hope Found Through Living Water

In the heat of midsummer, GFA pastor Madhukar traveled to a neighboring village where some members of his church resided. He wanted to visit fellow believers and connect with other villagers. However, when Pastor Madhukar arrived, he realized the Lord had much more for him to do than just meet new people and make conversation. A Thirsty Village Deep in […] Read more »