Prayer brings daughter to rejoice in God's love

A Mother’s Prayers Bring Daughter Peace

Hetavi lost her father when she was only 18 years old. Grief stung the young woman even more deeply because her paternal relatives barraged Hetavi, her younger siblings and their mother Toral, with abuse and harassment. In South Asia, a widow is often blamed for her husband’s death. Yet, throughout the threats, throughout the wishes of failure heaped upon Hetavi’s […] Read more »

GFA's christmas gifts help provide income generating gifts for people in need

Illness, Poverty Lose Their Hold on Praying Family

For five long years, Kayan languished, suffering from an unknown illness that confined her to her bed. As she lay helpless, her and her husband Darsh’s financial situation plummeted, and the family found poverty knocking at their door. Kayan’s desolate physical state left her family struggling to meet basic needs and wondering if they had been cursed. Dwindling Funds, Dwindling […] Read more »

Jalpa now has a hope for a better future thanks to Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope Helps Break the Cycle of Hunger

The pains of hunger gnawed at 14-year-old Jalpa. She could barely focus on the day’s lessons. Another stomach growl, another stab of pain. The lesson became muddled with that of yesterday, swirling into a confusing mess. It almost seemed not worth attending school like this. Jalpa’s stomach growled again, drowning out her thoughts. Lacking Food, Hope Jalpa and her family […] Read more »

The tangible gift of a bicycle helped Shakurah (not pictured) trust that the Lord sees her needs and cares for her.

Bicycle Builds Teen’s Faith

Shakurah neared the school on the outskirts of her village. Fatigued from her long walk, she slipped into the classroom, late again. She may have avoided her teacher’s glare, but she would not be able to avoid punishment. Poverty Taints Teen’s Heart Sixteen-year old Shakurah grew up in a Christian home with godly parents, but life wasn’t easy. Her father […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope student

Selling Gourds and Finding Life Purpose

Another long day of peddling vegetables came and went for Sadru. He had been doing his best to support his family—a wife and two young children—with his vegetable selling, but it just wasn’t cutting it. His heart was burdened with the knowledge that, in spite of all the wonderful schools nearby, he could not afford to enroll his 12-year-old daughter, […] Read more »

Sister of Compassion cleaning a toilet

Sisters of Compassion Clean Toilets to Raise Awareness for World Toilet Day

Clad in white robes lined with a gray stripe across the hem, a group of GFA Sisters of Compassion walked the rural road to one of the schools in their area. Specifically trained to minister to the lowest in society and do the most menial tasks, the specialized women missionaries were ready to teach students about sanitation and do what […] Read more »

bridge of hope student now has hope for the future

Bridge of Hope Helps Girl Rekindle Hope for Her Future

Rachana, 14, had made up her mind: She would quit school to work and help support her parents and brother. She knew it was the right thing to do; her family needed the extra income to survive. Besides, her parents could no longer afford to purchase the notebooks and pencils she needed for school anyway. She had dreamed of becoming […] Read more »