GFA Workers giving clothes for Children with HIV

Gifts for Children with HIV

Deep in the Himalayan mountains, there is a small village with an orphanage that cares for children living with congenital HIV. Reijo, a local, established the orphanage in 2011 with the hope of providing a safe haven for children who have been shunned, discriminated against and not allowed to attend school because of the stigma associated with the disease. More […] Read more »

The lord heals more than just our physical needs.

Samuel Finds Healing in Body, Soul and Spirit

Samuel was at the end of his rope. He couldn’t believe he was facing illness yet again. Why was this happening to him? Why did he have to endure more physical suffering? Even his friends were taunting him, saying it was his fault for not worshiping the native gods as fervently as he once did. He had nowhere to turn […] Read more »

The gift of a warm blanket is a life-changing gift for many.

A Widow’s Fight Against the Cold

Sleep eluded Sabela. Every time the 48-year-old widow almost drifted off, the cold wind sliced through her home, rousing her. She couldn’t afford warm clothing or a blanket, and her relatives certainly wouldn’t help her. No matter how many articles of old, threadbare clothing she put on, they proved insufficient to stave off winter’s frigid air. The Struggle of a […] Read more »

This toilet is now a place to provide safety and privacy to the families in need.

Toilets Keep Communities Healthy, Safe

The numbers from the survey had finally come in, and the problem was even greater than Ritain had previously thought. Around 252 families living in his district had no sanitation facilities, a dangerous threat to their health and safety. How could he, the district head, meet their needs? Risking Their Lives to Relieve Themselves Nearly 1,600 families lived in Ritain’s […] Read more »

Bhagya is happy now that she has bridge of hope

Learning Manners Through Mathematics

Nine-year-old Bhagya hated school. Between the shame imposed on her family because of her father’s drinking and her difficulty understanding and concentrating on her fourth-grade study materials, Bhagya didn’t want to go to school. She frequently stayed home, her homework unfinished. In addition to poor school skills, Bhagya did not have good manners, and neither did her parents and siblings. […] Read more »

Suong found hope thanks to her stepmothers faith.

Pursuit of Happiness Leads to Christ

Rage and abuse dropped like tornados, devastating Suong’s early childhood. Her father, an alcoholic, terrorized her mother until she could bear it no more. Suong’s mother divorced her father and took off with Suong’s younger brother, leaving 6-year-old Suong behind. Eventually, Suong’s father remarried, and unbeknownst to the hurting little girl, transformation waited just around the corner. When her stepmother, […] Read more »

A BEC service

Conference Refreshes GFA Workers in Wake of Earthquake Relief

When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake ripped through Kathmandu, the capitol city of Nepal, on April 25, 2015, it sent deadly tremors through neighboring countries. Dozens of aftershocks followed, including one of 7.3 magnitude only 17 days later, on May 12, swelling the number of dead and injured. People living in Kathmandu were left shaken; thousands had perished, tens of thousands […] Read more »

Children in slums are now being taught basic hygiene like washing their hands.

GFA Workers Teach Inmates, Children Proper Hygiene Tips

What do a group of prisoners, slum dwellers and street and school children in various regions of South Asia have in common? The answer is simple, yet deadly: the lack of proper handwashing practices. People living in congested jails[1] or on the streets[2] generally lack adequate hygiene practices. Couple this with a severe lack of hygiene facilities, and the risk […] Read more »

Sunday school provides hope and laughter to a girl in need.

Sunday School Teaches Fearful Girl Courage

The squeals of laughter and songs of joy drifting from the other side of the gate intrigued Qia, but she was too frightened to pass through the entrance and discover their source. She could only summon enough courage to peer through the small gate, her view partially blocked. When the woman inside noticed Qia and called out to her, inviting […] Read more »