literacy classes help women learn to read and write, as well as teach their family.

Gabija’s Journey from Shame to Sharing God’s Love

Gabija’s eyes darted from side to side, her shoulders tense. She observed the people surrounding her, heads immersed in God’s Word, and was well aware that everyone inside the church knew how to read and write . . . except her. She tried to concentrate on what the pastor was saying, but she couldn’t ignore her overwhelming desire to read […] Read more »

Goats can be a life-changing gift for many around the world.

Goats Chase Hopelessness Away

Shada and her husband, Renan, returned home from the local hospital with heavy hearts. The last 10 years offered disappointment after disappointment after multiple doctor visits resulted in no solution for Shada’s back and joint pain. Poverty threatened to overwhelm the family as medical bills piled up. Hard Times for the Family Shada and Renan had run a small business […] Read more »

This family received goats from a GFA gift distribution.

Did God Care About Their Finances—and Goats?

Restless minutes morphed to hours. Sleep evaded Dharma as he anxiously thought about his daughter and her poor health. Then a thought entered the concerned father’s mind. “There is only one place where we can take our daughter,” Dharma told his wife, “and I believe she will be healed there without any payment.” Dharma’s daughter had been sick, and he […] Read more »

Tin sheets being distributed

Christmas Roofing and Redemption

Kagiso’s shoulders slumped. No matter how hard he worked as a daily laborer, he couldn’t make enough money to build a larger house for his joint family. Instead, he, his wife and their young daughter shared a small, one-room house with Kagiso’s elderly parents, whom Kagiso was responsible for supporting as well. Kagiso loved his parents, and the family enjoyed […] Read more »

Sister Khris prayed fervently for healing for Fiala.

God Answers Grandmother’s Cry for Child to Walk

Markeda looked on her 5-year-old granddaughter, Fiala, with pity. Rather than running boisterously as many 5-year-olds do, Fiala was limited to a stationary position, unable to use her legs. Her greatest desire was to see the child walk. Markeda had fervently prayed to her traditional deities, but her devotion waned as Fiala continued in her immobility. Losing Hope for the […] Read more »

The simple gift of blankets can change lives.

Widow Receives Unexpected Gift of Warmth

Kacia’s house wasn’t much, but it was hers. Built with bamboo and topped by thatch, the hut served as home to the 42-year-old and her 14-year-old daughter. It provided ample shade to beat the mild summer heat, but during winter, it barely shielded the mother and daughter from the biting winds. What could they do to brave the weather and […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope provided these girls with some winter coats.

Gift of Coat Eases Father’s Burden

Shivering from the cold, Amora pulled her worn jacket closer. She had hoped it would shelter her chilled body, but it had long lost its warmth. In a family of eight children, six of whom still lived at home, Amora often had to wait years for a new coat. Daxton, Amora’s father, knew his children needed new winter coats, but […] Read more »

Boy at Bridge of Hope center with other students learning.

A Mother’s Plea for Her Son’s Future

Sidonie watched her husband, Rodan, stumble into their home. He had wasted his earnings on drink again; inebriation dulled his senses. Anxiety grew in Sidonie. What money could she save to provide for her young son before Rodan wasted it all? A Family’s Struggle Sidonie’s son, Ansun, was like the 30 million children UNICEF estimates does not attend school.[1] Without […] Read more »

Having the bible in their own language is such a blessing to many in remote villages.

Woman’s Illiteracy Prompts Her to Skip Church

It had been months since Kutal walked through the doors of her church. GFA pastor Balo noticed her absence and wondered what kept the woman from coming. He and a group of believers from the church visited Kutal, listening with surprise as she explained her reason for skipping church. Every Sunday, Pastor Balo chose someone in the congregation to read […] Read more »