Women meeting at a women's fellowship.

Woman Discovers Power of Scriptures in Desperate Situation

After her husband’s passing, 56-year-old Dora moved in with her adult son, Caster. Dora was a kind-hearted woman who cared deeply for her friends and offered help whenever she saw someone in need. But when Dora’s good friend Athena told her about a church just a few blocks from her home, the dear widow failed to recognize her own need […] Read more »

Sisters of compassion praying for a woman.

Bold Prayers Answered with Miraculous Healing

The lump on Arleta’s breast nearly brought her to her knees. She’d had enough struggles in life, especially since the passing of her husband. Unfortunately, a trip to the doctor confirmed Arleta’s worst fear: The lump was a cancerous tumor. The doctors told her she needed surgery, but Arleta couldn’t afford the procedure. She sought a second opinion, searching for […] Read more »

Girl from Bridge of Hope Center.

Family Finds Hope, Healing Through Helping Hands

Sezia and her sister returned to their small tea-estate house tired, hungry and soaking wet. After their father had walked out on the family, they were left with only their mother’s meager income from working in the tea fields. Unable to afford bus fare, the girls walked two-and-a-half miles to their school, often fighting rain and cold winds. After drying […] Read more »

Man stands beside hole in his house caused by a landslide.

Family Rescued from High Waters

When the rains came, they came violently and suddenly. Badin watched in horror as landslide after landslide occurred near his home. Then water began to creep into Badin’s home, and he knew he had to evacuate. With his wife and three children, Badin made a break for the closest city. Hopefully they would make it. The Waters Rising Badin and […] Read more »

Man walking towards Jesus Well.

Jesus Well Provides Villagers Relief from Sickness of Body, Spirit

The people needed water desperately. The old water pump provided by the village officials years ago was wearing out, resulting in an inadequate water supply in the hottest months and unsanitary water in the rainy seasons. Many villagers were contracting illnesses because of drinking the unclean water, while still more were struggling to get any water at all. But these […] Read more »

Sister of Compassion giving medical care to a leprosy patient.

Praying Away the Pain

As Chablis awoke for the day, pain bloomed in her legs. Weighed down by both the pain and exhaustion, the 75-year-old woman slowly rose from her bed. Should she go to the train station today? Or maybe one of the bus stands? But each step Chablis took reminded her how much her wounds hurt. She wasn’t going to make any […] Read more »

Sister of compassion with child.

GFA Sisters of Compassion Provide Health Care to Those in Need on World Health Day

Parts of Asia are home to some of the world’s poorest individuals, as well as some of the world’s most challenging living conditions, making GFA Sisters of Compassion’s work invaluable to those who need it most. The Sisters of Compassion are specifically trained to serve the most impoverished people groups in their regions. Some of the individuals they work with […] Read more »