Cyclone Phailin Kills 17, Affects 9 Million

After 13 hours of terror, Cyclone Phailin, the strongest storm to hit India in 14 years, was downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane, leaving in its wake 17 dead and 9 million people affected. “One of our believers died today,” Gospel for Asia pastor S.E. Quamar said, explaining how the 30-year-old widow had been trying to save her household items […] Read more »

Woman with flood relief

Compassion Services Team Serves 200 Families

After traveling 16 hours along treacherous roads, half of Pastor Baha Udeen’s 11-member Compassion Services team arrived June 26 to serve families in one of the areas hit hardest by the flooding in North India. While they waited for the second vehicle, which broke down due to the combination of steep climbs and a heavy load of supplies, team members […] Read more »

Waiting for flood relief

Death Toll Passes 1,000 in Northern India Floods

The death toll in Nepal and northern India surpassed 1,000 people Monday after soldiers discovered more victims from the torrential monsoon floods plaguing the area. Some 10,000 people remain stranded in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, a popular summer destination for tourists and religious visitors. The monsoon hit the state a month earlier than it had for the past half […] Read more »

Flooding in Sri Lanka Affecting over 300,000

While people around the world celebrated Christmas this week, catastrophic flooding sliced through the island nation of Sri Lanka, leaving thousands homeless and more than 300,000 impacted—many without the basic needs to survive. During the last two weeks, a continuous downpour of rain fueled flooding throughout a large portion of the island. Now, at least seven people are missing. The […] Read more »

Assam Rains Continue After Three Months

Three months after the Brahmaputra River overflowed and flooded more than 2 million people’s homes, heavy monsoon rains continue to devastate the Indian state of Assam. On September 24, a Gospel for Asia field correspondent reported that two weeks of nonstop rain has caused flooding in 14 of the state’s 27 districts, affecting 870 villages and claiming 11 lives. Bible […] Read more »

UPDATE: State of Assam Shut Down for Two Days

In the wake of destructive floods, the Indian state of Assam is suffering from ethnic violence that started weeks ago. To cope with the continuing violence, various groups have enforced bandhs, or strikes, throughout the region. These strikes can be considered curfews that often last entire days. A strike on August 27-28 meant people could not open their shops or […] Read more »

Bringing Relief to Homeless Flood Survivors

Jisha was obviously pregnant, but she hardly had enough food for one—much less two. Floodwaters had torn away her home, and now she looked out anxiously from a neighborhood of makeshift shanties on the side of the road. She and the others should have been easy to find, but a week after setting up camp, no one had come to […] Read more »

Relief for Assam Flooding Survivors

On June 30, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams distributed aid for 201 families affected by the Assam floods. In this area of Assam, 50,000 people suffered loss after the Brahmaputra River surged past its embankments. Most of the Christians there, including missionaries, lost their livestock, and some lost their homes. The believers were forced to evacuate to find higher […] Read more »


Assam Desperate as Floodwaters Continue to Rise

As monsoon rains show no signs of letting up in northeastern India, residents are facing the grim reality of property loss, starvation and possible death. Hundreds have already perished in the devastation, and according to Assam Agriculture Minister Nilamoni Sen Deka, 900,000 people have been displaced. Floodwaters have now hit 58 Gospel for Asia-supported churches and six Bridge of Hope […] Read more »

River Breach Floods 80 Villages

On the evening of June 24, the Brahmaputra River flowed within its banks, carrying its hundreds of thousands of gallons of water south through the Indian state of Assam to the Bay of Bengal. But by the next morning, huge surges of floodwater were engulfing village after village in the nearby plain. The river’s embankment had given way during the […] Read more »

“Why Did this Happen to Me?”

Out of fear and hopelessness, Karun and his family fled their home in Mizoram, India, after a group of Mizo people burned down their house. Being part of the Reang people group, Karun was often a target for abuse. For years, the Mizos and the Reangs have been at odds with each other, each firing accusations of murder, rape and […] Read more »