Christmas celebrations are one of the many ways people in Asia end up hearing about Christ and attending church.

The Joy of Christmas Changes Witch Doctor’s Life

For more than two years, Bishr had been working as a witch doctor. People from various villages came to him to be healed of minor ailments such as headaches or stomach pain. Bishr also made and sold local wine. Business was going well, and even though his wife suffered from back pain sometimes, their home life was peaceful. But one […] Read more »

God uses Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries to share His love with many people in desperate need of healing.

When Others Gave Her a Death Sentence

Kanta is alive today and bringing glory to Jesus, but only a few years ago, she was just counting the number of days she had left on earth. When Kanta lost her husband, she and her three children moved in with her sister and brother-in-law. Unlike many widows in Asia, she received help and care from her relatives, but Kanta’s […] Read more »

A Blow Couldn’t Stop the Film Show

Omrao knew he was being watched—watched by men who didn’t want the other villagers to see the film he was showing that night. The day before, he and his fellow film-team members had successfully showed a movie about Jesus. Around 80 people had attended and joyfully listened to Omrao and his team share from the Word of God. Excited about […] Read more »

Sad Widow Mother

‘I Am With You Always’

There are times in our lives when we can feel alone and hopeless. For Lalita, that time came after her husband died, leaving her stranded with two small children. But into her helpless situation, God provided shelter for her family, education for her children and a special message of comfort for her alone. Love Reaches Out Lalita struggled after her […] Read more »

God uses Gospel literature to touch hearts.

Wonder-working Power in the Blood

Throughout the day, 43 people passed through the cluster of clinic chairs sitting in a park to donate blood. Among them was Bhe, a man in his 30s donning worn-out clothes, unpolished shoes and ragged hair. Nearby churches led by GFA-supported pastors had partnered with the local Red Cross Society to host the blood drive. When someone asked Bhe what […] Read more »

The Testimony of Humble Passion

Even through the hardness of her heart, Dayaa noticed the humble passion of the Christians. Peace seemed a stranger to her as she started to ponder the consistency and genuine love they offered her despite her anger. She felt guilty for treating the pastor and missionaries so poorly. Her eyes began to open as the words they had been speaking […] Read more »

Rescued From His Family

Rescued from His Family

Tansu lay dying. All hope of rescue was gone, and his heart welled up with discouragement. Sorrow engulfed him as he thought about the cause of his fate. His own family sought to destroy him, and if they had turned the goddess of his childhood against him, then who would save him now? Day by day his life slipped away. […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope boy reading

Bridge of Hope Student Gives Back

Eight young pairs of eyes locked onto Agrima, who stood in front of them. Each child listened intently to his words, waiting for his instruction. Agrima was barely a teenager, yet he was making a difference in the lives and education of the children around him. Agrima came from a poor family. His father was a carpenter who worked hard […] Read more »

Ravit listened closely to the words of Jesus as he watched the film that night. He was a fisherman by trade, but he had never heard of a fisherman catching men.

Fisherman Becomes a Fisher of Men

“Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Ravit listened closely to the words of Jesus as he watched the film that night. He was a fisherman by trade, but he had never heard of a fisherman catching men. He had only just heard of this God named Jesus earlier in the day, yet here he sat with […] Read more »

"This church building is a house of prayer and a place of worship for everyone."

Open for All

“This church building is a house of prayer and a place of worship for everyone,” the pastor said. His words astonished Mano. Mano had expected conflict, but instead, he was met with kindness. The church building was “for everyone.” The inclusive words softened his heart. Change of Heart For many years Mano was strongly against Christianity. He often planned to […] Read more »

Rohak asked his son to start reading the Bible out loud for him.

Reading to His Father

“Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows,” the boy read, his voice filling the small house. “After His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit.” His father listened intently, absorbing every word. Something to Think About Pandita’s father, Rohak, called himself a Christian, but he never […] Read more »

Cross on a Church Building

My Life as a Church Building

I live in a small village in South Asia. Most of the people who live around me are farmers and keepers of crops. They are very poor, and they usually travel by bicycle or by foot. I cannot travel, but people come to see me all the time. Well, they don’t come to see me exactly. I should explain: I […] Read more »

After Ekagrah and his family became sick one by one, it became apparent the family was under spiritual oppression—and Ekagrah couldn’t find out why.

When You Don’t Sacrifice to the Gods on Time

Ekagrah, his wife and their four children live in a small, remote village.  They sacrificed a goat to their god every six months to receive blessings. Then Ekagrah’s father fell sick and died. Why hadn’t the gods blessed the family and kept Ekagrah’s father alive? Other villagers said Ekagrah’s father had died because the family had failed to sacrifice their […] Read more »

Kaamil had been seriously ill since the day he was born. When the boy was very small, he would become sick regularly. His parents took Kaamil to a doctor, where he was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disorder.

Piece of Paper Brings Peace of Mind

Serena had nowhere to turn, and nothing had been able to restore her son’s health. The small piece of paper she picked up during a bus ride to a routine hospital visit seemed to offer some kind of hope for her family, though. Kaamil, Serena’s only child, had been seriously ill since the day he was born. When the boy […] Read more »


Faith by Hearing the Neighbor

Bisaj Hansda and his family lived peacefully in their village, though it was separated from other villages and did not have adequate electricity or communication. He earned a living by farming while his wife stayed home, caring for their three children who all attended school. Bisaj’s family was financially stable and happy. They lived a good life until their youngest […] Read more »