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Fishing In Troubled Water Following the Lord’s call to be “fishers of men,” Gospel for Asia pastor Udyan Venkatesan and his wife, Sakina, came to a village where people had chased the last Christian pastor out of town. Out of 5,000 people, only 10 Christians lived there, and there was no church. In this village, people fervently practiced their ancestral religions and had little interest in hearing about Christ. P astor Udyan and his wife knew they might face trials, and they were right. Throughout his time ministering in this village, he has faced people threatening to beat him, to cut off his legs and to kill him. But this faithful pastor and his wife refused to leave. Amidst a sea of hostility, God started changing people’s hearts one by one and brought in a catch of “fish.” Woman Delivered, Harvest Foreshadowed Years before Pastor Udyan’s arrival, Raaka lived a troubled existence. Her husband was an abusive alcoholic who squandered almost all his earnings. Raaka worked hard to feed her family of seven, but she earned only 500 rupees (approximately $8) a month. The worst of her problems, however, was more mysterious and disturbing. For nine years at each new moon, Raaka would fall unconscious after responding to a knock at her door. She performed many painful rituals to deliver herself from these strange occurrences, but nothing worked. One day, while traveling by bus, Raaka lapsed into a trance-like state. As she stepped off the bus, she fell and 12 | Gospel for Asia | hit her head. People rushed her to the hospital, but even after one month, nothing could wake her from the trance. Doctors finally suggested Raaka go to a church. It was there that a GFA pastor prayed for Raaka, and God delivered her! She devoted her life to Christ and later joined Pastor Udyan’s fellowship. Under Pastor Udyan’s shepherding, Raaka grew in Christ and began praying for her family. She watched as the Lord increased her income and softened her husband’s heart to embrace His love. Raaka has seen her Savior perform miracles in many other lives too—including her brother-in-law Kulik’s. Hope for Abusive Alcoholic Kulik’s alcoholism was tearing his family apart. He’d spend all but a tiny portion of his earnings on alcohol, and he’d beat his wife—behaviors that led to a violent confrontation with her family. Ashamed and wanting to punish himself for the shambled state of his life, Kulik decided one night to slam a stone weighing more than 40