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Profile { ON E L I F E , M A K I NG A DI F F E R E NC E } Burdened for Those Who Hate His God “If you go to the church again, we will banish you from our family and community!” they yelled. P alash’s family wanted nothing to do with Christianity. They felt it defied their culture, and if Palash decided to go against everything they had ever known, they wanted nothing to do with him—not even after witnessing this God heal their loved one. A Struggle to Live It had been 16 years since Palash had eaten his last decent meal. Every time he ate, the pain became increasingly unbearable to the point where he was barely eating. Doctors eventually determined he was suffering from severe stomach ulcers. But medical treatments, witch doctors and the gods Palash’s family held so dear were all unable to help. When Gospel for Asia pastor Sabal met him, it was obvious Palash was stepping closer to death’s door. Regaining His Health Pastor Sabal listened as the dying man explained his agony. Afterward the pastor said, “I am just a simple man, but if you believe in Jesus, He can heal you and take away all your pain because He is gracious.” Holding on to that message of hope, Palash prayed with the pastor and miraculously experienced the Lord remove his pain. His family rejoiced to see Palash regaining his strength—but they still didn’t put their trust in the One from whom the healing came. Rejected by Family When Palash fully recovered, he knew it was a miracle and decided then that he would live to serve his Healer. But Palash’s family did not share his gratitude. Instead, they were angry with him for following the God they hated. They made good on their threat to banish him from their family when he continued to attend Pastor Sabal’s church. With nowhere to go, the pastor took Palash in. This time in Palash’s life became one of intense growth. During the three years that he lived with Pastor Sabal, he learned to read the Bible and understand more of God’s love for him—as well as His love for others in his village. Palash shared his testimony with neighbors and friends, but instead of receiving the wonderful news of the Savior’s love, his community tried to kill him. Enduring Faith Undeterred by such hostility, Palash faithfully prayed for his family and neighbors to see the truth of God’s love for them— and the Lord answered. When his mother became ill, Palash knew firsthand who had the power to heal, so he prayed. The Lord touched her, and this time, she recognized it and chose to follow Christ. Later, Palash’s younger sister also embraced Jesus. Although Palash’s remaining family members refuse to listen to the Good News, he prays daily for them. Every week, Palash shares his testimony with whomever will listen and offers God’s Word to those who will receive it. “It is my great desire and burden,” Palash says, “to follow Him and share His love with my people as long as I live on this earth.” July 2014 | GFA World | 15