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Prayer Focus { I N T E RC E DI NG F OR A L O S T WOR L D —T O GE T H E R } Young Girl Withstands Her Parents’ Persecution Images on this page are GFA stock photos. T welve-year-old Thuza Nu had never heard there could be assurance of where she will go after she passes from this earthly life. She and her family worked hard in being devout and strong adherents to their traditional faith, only hoping they could one day reach a place of bliss. But when the young girl attended a Gospel for Asia youth camp outreach, her worldview changed. She discovered the promises of the Lord, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. “Only Jesus is the real God and Savior,” Thuza Nu proclaimed. When Thuza Nu’s parents heard she had embraced Christ, they ignored it, believing it was a fanciful whim. There was no way their daughter could give up the family’s faith—not when they were so zealous over their religion and had raised her to be the same. But three months later, news of Thuza Nu’s public devotion to Jesus triggered the wrath of her parents like a sudden thunderous squall. “Why did you forsake [our religion]?” they yelled at her. “You cannot forsake [our faith] without your parents’ permission.” Unleashing his anger, Thuza Nu’s father beat her for loving Christ. He then went over to the local GFA pastor, Myo Zaw, and accused him of forcibly converting his daughter and others to Christianity. “It is Jesus,” Pastor Myo Zaw replied. “God changes their lives.” Thuza Nu’s parents strongly warned her not to take part in any Christian activities. But her heart yearned to worship her Savior and learn more about the One who promises eternal life, so Thuza Nu secretly continued to attend church services and Sunday school classes—even to this day. “I know Jesus is my Savior and Lord. I will stand firm in my faith in Him in whatever situation might be,” she said. “If I die, I will die for Jesus.” Thuza Nu prays for her parents, that they, too, might experience the joy and peace she now has. Think About It Thuza Nu is able to withstand her parents’ persecution because she has encountered the freedom and goodness of God. But she is one of many young believers who have to endure the hatred and anger of parents and family members because of their love for Christ. Let’s pray for our young brothers and sisters, that they may know the Lord as their shield and reward. July 2014 | GFA World | 19