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gfa. org Watch a video about Pastor Dayshaun’s life. When he woke up, darkness and coldness surrounded him. He yelled out, “I’m alive!” Men nearby screamed in fear. “The doctors thought I was dead,” Dayshaun says. “They put me in the mortuary.” They transferred Dayshaun to the hospital for treatment. Surgeons amputated his lifeless hand that had held the mine. His eyesight was seriously affected. For months after leaving the hospital, he struggled to see clearly. At times, he thought his vision was strengthening, but then everything would fade again. He remembers thinking, Where shall I go? To whom I shall share the Good News? How can I pray for this man? This soul is so precious. By this time, however, Dayshaun’s eyesight had completely gone. His physical limitations posed a problem in fulfilling his desire to serve the Lord. No church wanted him, believing his blindness and amputated hand incapacitated him to serve. But he would not give up. Without support or a concrete plan, Dayshaun began praying and sharing the Word of God with people. His wife and young daughter, Jania, joined him, keeping track of the people’s prayer requests. “In spite of all the difficulties and problems in my personal life, we were completely committed to the Lord as a family,” Dayshaun says. “As we began our ministry, one family and two families, they began to come. People would take me to different places to pray for the sick or [tell them of] God’s Word. I saw that the Lord began to use my life in a special way.” A New Type of Healing Eyes to the Blind Dayshaun traveled to a neighboring country for additional medical treatments. That’s when he met Gospel for Asia pastor Pilu, and a friendship began. “I heard the Good News from Pilu only in a deeper way, in a better way,” Dayshaun says. From then on, Dayshaun began praying, and the Lord began revealing Himself through dreams and visions. Dayshaun listened to all the Christian cassettes Pastor Pilu gave him and spent time conversing with another believer. “The whole day [this believer] would come and sit in my home and speak about God’s Word,” Dayshaun recalls. “I would ask my questions, and he would clear my doubts. He began to help me, guide me in the Word of God. My spiritual life began to sprout.” Dayshaun spent long hours praying and seeking the Lord’s guidance in his ministry. A few years later, he met the leader of Gospel for Asia’s ministry in Sri Lanka, who encouraged him to continue serving the Lord no matter the obstacles. Dayshaun eventually joined GFA and continues to spend large amounts of time in prayer, deepening his relationship with his Savior and relying on Him for direction and wisdom as he pastors three growing churches. His daughter, Jania, still helps him extensively in the ministry. She travels with him, helps with Sunday worship and Women’s Fellowships, and also reads the Bible to Dayshaun, helping him prepare for his Sunday messages. “God gave me a wonderful daughter,” Dayshaun says. “She is my right hand.” Even though Dayshaun is blind, he says, “God is with me, and He enables me. He gives me the power to go further. When I compare [my physical limitations to what] the Lord is doing through my life, these things are nothing.” Now Dayshaun is able to see God’s transforming work as He uses him to open the eyes of the spiritually blind. Suddenly, he heard a loud sound come from the sky and coolness began to surge through his scorching body. “I saw that, slowly, the blood that was oozing [out of my body] stopped, and the foam, which was coming down from my mouth, also stopped,” he recalls. Then Dayshaun lost consciousness. Failing Eyesight Burning in His Soul Dayshaun went back to his home country never experiencing physical healing. Instead, he arrived with a new vision: to bring this message of hope and new life to his fellow countrymen. “The Lord began to give me a great hunger. Twenty- four hours a day I wanted to serve the Lord,” Dayshaun says. July 2014 | GFA World | 21