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Conversations { DIS C US SIONS W I T H K . P. YOH A N NA N } GFA Is Moving In this conversation, K.P. Yohannan shares how relocating will not only save the ministry money but will also expand its reach among the unreached. At the same time, we discovered a very prime piece of buildable land. Due to a downturn in the local economy, it was well below market value. As we sought the Lord’s guidance, a friend of the ministry sensed the Lord leading him to provide the funds for purchasing the land. Q How did the Lord lead GFA to relocate its headquarters? // After being at our present Q Your desire has always been to know the Lord and make Him known. How will location for the past 14 years, we are moving to a new this move enable GFA to reach the lost more facility about an hour away. Lord willing, the move will effectively? // The passion the Lord gave us to reach take place by the early part of August. the most unreached continues to move us forward. We For many years we have prayed about and pray the Lord will enable us to see tens of thousands explored the idea of moving to a location where we of laborers trained and sent out to the harvest fields of could provide housing for staff and cut our costs, as well South Asia. as have a place to be able to accommodate discipling This new location and setup will enable us to save hundreds of young people and to be a blessing to the more than $4 million each year in overhead expenses. Body of Christ through regular Renewing Your Passion We’ll be able to provide simple on-site housing for staff (RYP) conferences. and School of Discipleship students, significantly reducing A couple of years ago, we came to the point where we realized we were growing quickly, and there were the amount of money needed to sustain a staff member. Every day we face the reality that there is so much many opportunities opening before us to reach the lost. more we could do if we had additional people on staff. The leaders of the ministry also realized we needed to Our passion is to rescue 500,000 children through do all we could to reduce the overhead expenses and GFA Bridge of Hope and to share the love of Christ with continue to send 100 percent of our donors’ field gifts hundreds of millions who have not even heard His name. to the mission field. With the costs of living on campus being so much lower than living in local homes and apartments in Carrollton, 4 | Gospel for Asia |