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FOR JAFFNA’S CHILDREN *)() *)()*)()*)()*)() *)()*)()*)()*)()*)() B ombs blasted and shrapnel flew as rebel forces fought the Sri Lankan army for the creation of their own ethnic state. The Jaffna district was caught in the heat of the battle. ✺ Over the course of the 26-year-long war, 100,000 fell dead—civilians included. Jaffna was hit hardest. Land mines and bullet holes littered the region. For decades, people endured trauma and lived under fear, and tens of thousands of children became fatherless or motherless. ✺ Amid the violence, the war-weary people continued with life and death; 2-year-old Singan and 5-month-old Kavin were no exception. July 2014 | GFA World | 9