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“The ocean is coming! The ocean is coming!” S agardut heard the frightened shouts as he stood inside the church building. The Gospel for Asia pastor was preparing for Sunday worship, but the commotion outside drew him away. He stepped through the church doors and saw people running, crying and screaming in terror of the danger that loomed on the horizon. “The ocean is coming!” As the crowds ran away, Sagardut jumped on his motorbike to investigate what was causing all of this chaos. The nearer he got to the villages by the seashore, the more devastation he saw. The first wave had reached Tamil Nadu, India, where he was serving. The second wave was on its way. “The ocean is coming!” Sagardut could see the black wall of water towering 30 feet in the air. He was only 300 yards away from a force devouring houses, cars and people in seconds. This is going to kill everybody, he thought. Sagardut quickly turned his motorbike around and joined the masses fleeing to save their lives. The Deadliest Tsunami GFA pastor Sargardut and his family survived the Indian Ocean tsunami and have been bringing Jesus’ comfort to survivors ever since. • 20 | Gospel for Asia Sagardut had escaped the deadliest and most destructive tsunami in history. On December 26, 2004, an earthquake, said to have released the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs, thrust the Indian Ocean seafloor upward, resulting in a series of killer waves that devastated the coastal lines of 11 countries from Indonesia to Africa. When Sagardut came back to the village, he saw bodies floating in the waters. Thorn bushes had trapped women with long hair, so he went over to free their bodies and lay them on the dry roadside. Then he drew out the next body he saw, and then the next one.