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A P L AC E TO CA LL HOME Ashray ran his hand through his dusty gray hair, uncertain of what to do next. His wife lay swathed in bandages, whimpering in the corner of the plastic and mud shed they called home, while their two youngest children nervously tried to avoid her. If I stay here, Ashray thought, at least I can take care of my family today. But if I go, maybe I can find work . . . He sighed; his shoulders slumped. A quick glance at their meager food supply made up his mind for him: There wasn’t enough to last through the night. With a heavy heart, Ashray turned to leave his wife, Lajita. He wondered if things would ever change as he set out in search of some free food, a few rupees from a stranger or perhaps a job for the day. 12 | Gospel for Asia |