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Profile { ON E L I F E , M A K I NG A DI F F E R E NC E } P ccccccccccccc Free from Society’s Pressure Pabani knew what others thought of her sister, Sarasa. She saw how furious her parents had become when Sarasa became a Christian. To become a Christian was to become low-caste, and Pabani would hate to be identified as that. But the more she got to know the God whom her sister held so dearly, the more she too found herself falling in love with Him. ccccccccccccc abani would listen to her sister share about Christ whenever she came to visit. Pabani even went to Sunday school with Sarasa and learned some Christian songs. The embarrassment of being known as a believer in Jesus, however, kept Pabani from going to church too regularly—she couldn’t let on that she was beginning to believe that this Jesus was truly God. For six months, Pabani wavered—torn between keeping her reputation yet being drawn to the One who paid a dear price so they could spend eternity together. Then, on one day in December, while Pabani sat in a church service listening to a Gospel for Asia pastor speak truth from the Word of God, the 23-year-old broke down in tears. She realized she no longer wanted to live a double life; she wanted it to be wholly devoted to the Savior. From then on, she began attending church faithfully and became part of the ministry activities that took place. When Pabani’s parents discovered she had stopped worshiping and burning incense to their deities, they exploded in anger. Both their daughters had become Christians—what would the rest of society think of them? Whenever Pabani’s parents lashed out at her, she’d draw from “I am a sinner saved Sarasa’s example and seek the Lord by grace, and we for peace and comfort. She’d read all human beings from the New Testament her sister are sinners. I have had given her and would hold on experienced that to His love, despite the hurt she true peace and joy experienced from the ones she loved come only from most on earth. worshiping the Pabani told her parents, “I am true living God.” a sinner saved by grace, and we all human beings are sinners. I have experienced that true peace and joy come only from worshiping the true living God.” Seeing her devotion, Pabani’s parents eventually gave her freedom to continue worshiping Jesus. By God’s grace, Pabani has overcome fear of what her society thinks of her, and she openly professes her love for Christ. She continually tells her parents and even her friends of God’s goodness in her life—holding on to hope that one day they too will experience freedom to walk with Him. March 2015 | GFA World | 15