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Searching for Jesus Through the Radio H ansa’s uncle, Nand, lay in bed, succumbing to the tuberculosis that ravaged his body. “I am going to die,” he moaned. “Let me hear something pleasant. Let me have happiness in my life.” He had been bedridden for months; his only consolation in life was listening to the radio. So Hansa’s cousin turned it on and scanned the stations, looking for something to ease Nand’s mind. 16 | Gospel for Asia | “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you…” Hansa’s cousin took her hand off the radio dial, captivated by what she just heard. Soon, Hansa and 12 of her family members sat in front of the radio, listening to a message about Jesus Christ and His power to heal. Hansa’s heart began to race. She wondered, Who is this Jesus this man is talking about? Can we be healed? They kept listening. “I am going to pray for you. If you have any kinds of problem . . . pray along with me.” Hansa and her family closed their eyes and believed in their hearts. The broadcaster prayed for those afflicted and bedridden—the same things her family was going through. After the prayer, Hansa’s uncle sat up in bed. “I feel better,” he said, amazed. “I’m not going to die. I think Jesus healed me!”