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Daniel Punnose , vice president of GFA, shares about his experience visiting one of GFA’s children homes. A few years ago, my family and I were traveling across South Asia, visiting the various ministries GFA has on the field. As it often happens, children were coming up to our windows, begging for money. My own children were just 4 and 5 at that time. Even at that young age they were already beginning to “connect the dots” in their attempt to understand things. They asked my wife and me why these kids were not at home with their mommies and daddies. When they learned that many of them did not have a mommy or daddy anymore, they felt very sad for them. My children simply could not comprehend the thought of life apart from mommy and daddy. To this day, they remember seeing those children on the streets.  What happened to these precious little children who had run away from their homes or had been abandoned? The answer is simple: Their childhood innocence had been stolen from them. Those few childhood years, which should have been filled with good memories, were instead filled with pain and heartache. In South Asia, GFA has homes for children who have run away or have been abandoned. By God’s grace, through these homes, hundreds of children are getting back their innocence. 18 | Gospel for Asia | A few years ago, our family went to visit one of these homes. Five of the children living there were actually from one family; their ages ranged from 3 to 14. Their story was absolutely heartbreaking. Their father had left them, and later, their mother passed away from tuberculosis. The children were left to fend for themselves. The 14-year-old started working at a mechanic shop to support his younger siblings, but it wasn’t enough. They were on the brink of starvation when they were brought to our children’s home. When my family got to meet them, these five brothers were smiling. They had faced more than most adults will face in a whole lifetime, yet they were full of joy. The love and care they were being given was restoring their innocence to them and teaching them how to be children again. It was a beautiful thing to witness.  There are many more heartbreaking stories like this—and many more miracles God is doing through these children’s homes. All of us should have the opportunity to look back on our childhood and remember the things that brought us joy, whether it was a visit to the zoo or hearing about the love of Christ for the very first time. It excites my heart to be part of seeing thousands of children have their lives restored and their innocence given back to them. Some images on these pages are GFA stock photos. Getting Back Their Innocence