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Prayer Focus { PE R SE C U T ION } When Healing Brings Pain R aima grew up following the traditional religion of her parents, diligently serving their gods and goddesses through many religious exercises. She remained steadfast in following these rituals after her marriage to Kaamil. Because of her faithfulness, she expected her deities would heal her when she began suffering with acute stomach pains and a severe headache. But instead of providing the help she needed, Raima was forced to live with this agony for six excruciating years. She prayed for help, but no help came. When Raima met a Gospel for Asia pastor named Tamal, he told her about the God named Jesus. As the two of them talked, her heart was warmed with love toward the Lord. When Jesus answered her prayer and healed Raima, she and her husband both decided to follow Him. Raima’s parents, far from being pleased at their daughter’s miraculous healing, were outraged that she would abandon her former faith. They began to incite their neighbors against her, maliciously attacking Raima with cruel words, and even planned to beat her for following Jesus. They aroused the sentiments of many in the village and eventually succeeded in forcing Raima, Kaamil and every other Christian to leave. Raima still manages to attend church services regularly, though it is difficult and dangerous for her to do so. She even shares how the Lord helped her, leading other men and women to know her Healer as well. But many of these new believers are not going to church or growing in the Lord because they’re afraid to make their new faith known, fearing the repercussions it will bring. Being forced from her home has been difficult for Raima, especially knowing that her own parents are her strongest opponents. The fear of death is a daily companion, often robbing her of peace, so that her life has become a challenge. “Lord, help me,” she prays. “Help me overcome all sorrow, pain, agony and opposition in my life, and I’ll live under Your feet all through my life.” Think About It Many, like Raima, are kicked out of their homes, abused and even beaten, for deciding to follow the One who healed them. Let us pray for men and women like Raima to have peace in the midst of their trying circumstances, especially when persecuted by their families. Pray they would not be afraid to suffer. And let’s pray those opposing them would come to know the Lord’s healing touch in their hearts. March 2015 | GFA World | 19