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Resources { G O SPE L F OR A SI A M AT E R I A L S & I N F OR M AT ION— J US T F OR YOU } “That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.” —John 17:21 In his booklet That They All May Be One, K.P. Yohannan stirs readers to seek unity within the Body of Christ. He gives poignant Featured BOOK examples of the effects of disunity and offers practical advice on how to disband the strife it causes. Yohannan also shares experiences and even failures from his own life, illustrating how a lack of understanding and love toward other believers in Jesus can tear apart work done for the Lord. “All disunity begins with a lack of genuine, godly love for one another. That’s where it all starts,” Yohannan says in the booklet. “When Satan gets in and stirs up strife and hurt, love dries up and things go downhill from there. This is also when the work we are doing for God comes to a standstill. As long as disunity abounds, all ministry will be tainted and ineffective. But when our hearts are cleansed and changed, softened and broken, ministry becomes a simple overflow of a heart filled with love from Christ for all men.” To get your copy of That They All May Be One urges the Bride of Christ That They All May Be One, you can: to love and extend grace and compassion to one 1 Call us at 1-800-WIN-ASIA another, while embracing the differences that make the (1-800-946-2742) 2 Visit to order online 3 Use the order form in the center of this magazine to mail your request Body unique and allow it to function as it should. “You are part of the family of God—not fragmented, not divided—but with one heart, one soul and one mind,” Yohannan says. This 56-page booklet will leave you acutely aware of Suggested donation: $3.50 each how your actions directly affect the Body of Christ and how we can be united so the world may believe Jesus is the Son of God (John 17:21). 22 | Gospel for Asia |