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Conversations { DIS C US SIONS W I T H K . P. YOH A N NA N } Reaching the Most Unreached In this conversation, K.P. Yohannan talks about having a passion to reach the most unreached with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Q What is the source of your passion to reach those who are dying without knowing Jesus? // Q What is it that sustains you in this calling from the Lord to reach the most unreached? // Here If we say we are followers of Christ, our lives should reflect His. is the key: Unless you and I consistently and perpetually When we look at the Gospels, we see that Jesus’ entire life maintain our humble, broken walk with the Lord, we will revolved around reaching out to those in desperate need of not be able to maintain a life of love for the untold millions His Father. And His calling on our lives today is the same. Over without Christ. The way to develop this love on a daily basis and over again, we hear His invitation to, “Come, follow Me.” is first of all to see myself the way I should see myself—I am a He is calling us to see what He sees, to feel the passion He feels, to share His burden for reaching the precious, broken lives throughout the world. Jesus’ life was marked by urgency. He came to this earth with one desire: to bring nobody. I am not that important. What do I, or any of us, have that is not given to us by the Lord? Nothing. The measure in which we see the Lord’s face, and spend reconciliation between the Creator and His creation. Every time gazing upon Him and hungering for Him, is the same person Jesus met was a soul His Father longed for. His last measure in which we will become like Him. The more I come words to His disciples were to go and make disciples. That to know my Lord, the more I understand Him and the more was His heart—and that should be our heart. If this passion I’m driven and compelled by what He wants, not what I want. to reach the hopeless and the dying with His Father’s love is what drove our Savior, how can we live for anything less? Some years ago I challenged the brothers and sisters I serve with to begin praying this prayer: “Lord baptize me with Your passion, Your burden for the lost and dying millions in my generation. Let it be perpetual, not just for one time. Lord, I want to be like Jesus.” 4 | Gospel for Asia |