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f in focus {How your partnership is changing lives} BIBLE COLLEGES Preparing to Reach His Generation Vishesh is a diligent student, and he works hard to complete his assignments. He knows he is receiving valuable preparation for ministry at the Gospel for Asia Bible college, and he tries to carefully focus on his studies. But there are still moments when his mind wanders. 16 | send! | Photographs on these pages are GFA Stock Photos. V ishesh thinks and prays about the people in his home state of Chhattisgarh, India, who still haven’t heard that Jesus loves them. He wonders—a little impatiently, sometimes—where God will send him to minister after he graduates. The young student recalls the joy that filled his heart on the day he surrendered his life to Jesus. His relationship with his Redeemer is at the core of all his hopes and dreams for the future—and something he desires for everyone he encounters, because he remembers well what his existence was like when Christ was absent from his life. Although Vishesh was once extremely religious, he could never find inner peace or get rid of the tension in his family. He worshipped numerous deities within his traditional religion and even prayed to gods from a variety of other faiths, but nothing satisfied his heart. His mother, a new Christian, was fervently praying for him and would often encourage her son to come to church with her. Finally, he agreed to attend a New Year’s Eve celebration, and there he had an opportunity to talk with the pastor. He did not make a commitment to follow Christ, but he felt a