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W hen scraping by on a minimal income, most moms would track every cent, but Imani is happy to watch her savings cluck and run in every direction. Roaming her yard and eating what they please, Imani knows, is the best way for her stock to mature and hatch dividends of their own. And, after all, when her pastor presented her with chickens, she wasn’t looking for temporary relief. She wanted an investment. Imani’s family already knew about saving for the future. Her husband and two sons worked in the vineyards, reaping a combined income of only $1.64 each day. To make matters worse, the vineyard season only lasted six months, and work afterward was scarce. To support their family of six, they saved half their wages for the rest of the year—enough to survive on, but not much else. But at least in one area Imani was fortunate: She had a husband to support her. In a nearby village lived a woman who didn’t even have that. God’s love came to Imani (below, left) in the form of chickens. When Pastor Balaji (above, right) brought Aadhaya (below, right) a new goat, she saw it as a gift from God. Both women are grateful for these investments that will yield returns for years to come. 16 | Gospel for Asia |