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Pray { I N T E RC E DI NG F OR A L O S T WOR L D —T O GE T H E R } Pray for South Asia’s Widows When an Asian woman’s husband dies, she is often blamed for his death. For some widows, the humiliation starts when she is stripped of her colorful clothing and forced to wear a white sari, signifying her new status as a widow. Her glass bangles, which previously let the world know of her marital status, are smashed into thousands of tiny shards. Her life will now be controlled by her eldest son. If she is lucky, she’ll get a corner of his house in which to sleep. More often, though, she is sent out of the family home and ends up working for a few cents a day at a temple or begging on the streets. Many widows live lives of poverty and utter hopelessness. They yearn to know that someone loves them. Here are a few ways you can pray for the widows of South Asia. + The deepest need of a widow is to know that she is + Millions of children in South Asia are being raised by still loved. That’s why Gospel for Asia-supported their widowed mothers. Society does not provide a missionaries spend time listening to widows tell means to care for them, and their mothers often their stories and sharing the story of Christ with cannot afford to. As a result, many of these children them. Pray that each widow would experience the are forced to work instead of going to school. Others love of Christ, realizing that she is cherished by are abused or taken advantage of by unscrupulous the Lord. adults. Pray for the protection of South Asia’s next generation and that they would come to embrace + Most widows in South Asia do not have the skills or their loving Heavenly Father, who will never leave tools they need to earn a living for themselves. Yet or forsake them. Pray that they would be able to our missionaries are finding ways to help them. attend school and that their physical, emotional Gifts from the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift and spiritual needs would be met. Catalog are some of the most fruitful tools—such as sewing machines—to help widows earn a living. Pray that God would empower these women to gfa. org Visit to learn about more areas of ministry that need your prayers. provide for themselves and their families. Pray that each gift would multiply in impact and that these women would then be enabled to reach out to others in need. gfa. org Want to grow in your prayer life? Here’s a free resource that will help. Whether you realize it or not, your prayers change things! Read Learning to Pray and begin to see for yourself how God still does the impossible through prayer. Visit and download your free copy! November 2012 | Send! | 21