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Profile { ON E L I F E , M A K I NG A DI F F E R E NC E } A Life- Changing Journey “W e couldn’t leave without doing something,” says Becky. “It was the Holy Spirit.” The year was 1996. Becky and her husband, Pat, sat in silence after hearing K.P. Yohannan speak at their church about the need for national missionaries in Asia. Without saying a word, each knew the other had been impacted. Standing up, they took their first steps toward a life-changing journey. Becky went to the Gospel for Asia book table and picked up a copy of K.P.’s book Living in the Light of Eternity. Although finances were tight and they had four children under age 13, they decided to Order your own copy of sponsor a national missionary. Living in the Light of Eternity As Pat and Becky continued at following God’s call, He led them next on a road heading south. In 1999, they moved to Texas to join GFA’s U.S. home-team staff. Then, in 2008, Pat and Becky’s journey took another turn when they were asked to move to Canada to lead GFA’s office there. “I had personally been praying for the staff and work in Canada for some time,” Pat recalls. “I was both struck with wonder that I would even be considered and glad to take up the opportunity to help, knowing the leadership and the Lord had arranged it.” Order your own copy! 22 | Gospel for Asia | Exciting as it was, this move involved separation for their family. Pat, Becky and their two younger children made the move to Canada, while their two oldest daughters stayed in Texas—one of whom was married and expecting Pat and Becky’s first grandchild. “That was hard,” Becky remembers, “but right at the get-go, the Lord had abundant grace. He gave me peace.” Pat says that his main role is to “strengthen and build up the staff”—whether this means cutting the grass outside the office, encouraging his co-workers, training new staff members or representing Gospel for Asia at an event. Becky has also served in various capacities, from working in the Donor Services department to leading ladies’ meetings for the GFA women. Even before moving, Pat and Becky were connected to the Canadian staff through prayer. “The joy we have now to work with them, growing together and experiencing Him, is unspeakable,” Pat says. As their journey with GFA continues, Pat and Becky continue to labor faithfully. And they definitely see God’s faithfulness along each step of the way. gfa. org Interested in joining GFA’s home-team staff? Visit to learn more.