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Conversations { DIS C US SIONS W I T H K . P. YOH A N NA N } Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog In this conversation with K.P. Yohannan, we learn how practical items from GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog can have eternal value. family’s livelihood fell on her shoulders. She knew how to sew, but could not afford the sewing machine she needed to set up a small business. When GFA provided her with one, she could not contain her joy. Q How long has GFA been producing the Christmas Q What was the response you received that first year? // Gift Catalog? // We sent out our first catalog in 2006. “Tears came to my eyes,” she told us. “I am now able to meet all my needs, and my family is functioning smoothly. I always acknowledge the goodness of Jesus in my life.” So many people responded enthusiastically! As a ministry In another part of Asia, a young boy named Deepak and his elderly mother had been drinking contaminated water for a long with a laser-beam focus on sharing the Good News of Jesus time. When the pastor of our local church learned this, he in South Asia, we are very careful to not get distracted with arranged for the family to receive a BioSand water filter. Deepak activities that take us away from the call of God on our lives. and his mother were so blessed by this gift. But Deepak’s mother What the Christmas Gift Catalog did was give our brothers and couldn’t quite figure out why these believers would give them sisters in the West an opportunity to give practical, down-to- such a valuable item for free. earth things such as chickens and wells and water buffalo that “Because these Christians know God’s love, which make a huge difference in people’s daily lives—and make an He gives freely,” Deepak explained to her, “they are eternal difference at the same time. And remember, Jesus cared providing these gifts to the people.” for the physical needs of people around Him, and at the same “Then I want to know more about the love of God,” time never missed an opportunity to teach the Word. his mother responded. Q Q Talk about the benefit one of these items has for an Asian family. // One gift can mean the difference between You often say that donors experience benefits, too. What do you mean by that? // For one thing, it’s hope and despair—and even life and death—for these people. Let an amazing opportunity for our children to understand and me tell you a couple of stories I’ve heard recently. participate in bringing hope to the poorest of the poor and One young woman named Lakshmi was born into a poor the suffering in Asia. It’s such a practical way they can family in India. Her elderly father was unable to do the work he understand God’s love and join with the Lord in showing His used to do in the paddy fields, so the responsibility for her care and compassion. 4 | Gospel for Asia |