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OURCOMMUNITY { W H AT G OD IS D OING T H ROUGHOU T OU R GL OB A L FA M I LY } When Sonali, a GFA Bridge of Hope staff member, was asked to serve at a one-day medical camp for a local Bridge of Hope center, it was a new experience for her. “I Blessings in (Medical) Disguise t was the first time that I witnessed a medical camp,” she remembers. Two doctors and a nurse provided medical checkups and treatment for the Bridge of Hope children and their families, along with anyone else in the community who had health needs. And GFA missionaries and church members helped keep everything running smoothly. “It was “It was amazing and breathtaking to see amazing and ministry done in such a loving way,” Sonali reflects. breathtaking The villagers found relief that day from to see ministry digestive ailments, fevers, malaria and typhoid. They done in such a returned to their homes “extremely thankful,” as loving way.” one person put it, for the medical camp. “It was a great opportunity to share the love of Christ,” adds Sonali. “If I could share one statement about this medical camp, it would be ‘Christ’s presence and blessings in disguise.’ ” How can I read these amazing stories of what these national missionaries are doing and not respond? I see the love and joy of the Lord on their Our VBS program allows for a missions project every year, so we decided to have a contest between faces and how they are bringing Jesus to a hurting world. chickens and the girls for rabbits. The kids had so much I’m a single mom with three children, but I still have more fun and were amazed at how giving chickens and rabbits resources than most of the people in this world and I to a family can provide a livelihood. want to share my blessings with your ministry. Patricia, Greeneville, Tennessee, USA 6 | Gospel for Asia | the boys and the girls. The boys were raising money for Jeanne, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA Some images on these pages are GFA stock photos LE T TERS