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Profile { ON E L I F E , M A K I NG A DI F F E R E NC E } Awakening a Lifeless Soul A Young Pastor’s Story of God’s Faithful Pursuit Wayward Youth Called to Serve Devang grew up faithfully following his family’s traditional faith, but his religious devotion didn’t give him respect for others. “I roamed around aimlessly with my friends and wasted my time,” he remembers. “I became rebellious and disobedient to my parents. … I was not ready to listen to anyone.” But one day, after reading a Gospel tract, Devang listened to the call of the Lord. Overwhelmed with God’s peace, he talked with a pastor to learn more and realized he needed to trust in Christ. God Revives Seed among Thorns As soon as he embraced Jesus’ love, Devang was eager to commit the rest of his life to Him. “I had a great desire to serve the Lord with all my heart, soul, strength and mind,” he says. But, like the seed sown among thorns, worldly cares soon choked out this desire. Devang began only pretending to be spiritual, masking a dead and dry soul inside him. But God, in His mercy, didn’t give up on Devang. One morning the Lord’s voice broke through to Devang’s heart, revealing the state of his life. Devang realized he had gotten lost in a worldly lifestyle and had completely forgotten the Lord’s purpose for him to live as a child of God. 12 | Gospel for Asia | “On that day, with faith and assurance, I gave my life to the Lord for His ministry,” Devang says. “I prayed to God, saying, ‘Lord, wherever You lead me, I will go, just for the sake of Your kingdom and for Your glory alone.’ ” A Calling Refined Soon, God led him to a Bible college. After three years of growing in the knowledge of Scripture and seeking the Lord’s will for his future ministry, Devang graduated. “I am so grateful to my Almighty God, who enabled me to complete my studies,” Devang said after his graduation. “God was so faithful to me during my stay here in this campus.” At that time, he already sensed God’s calling to serve in pastoral ministry. Devang longed to lead people to Christ and tend His flock—teaching, counseling and encouraging believers spiritually. Young Shepherd Touches Lives God fulfilled Devang’s desire, and now the Gospel for Asia pastor leads a fellowship of 12 believers. His days are full of leading worship services and prayer meetings, visiting believers in their homes and sharing Christ’s love with villagers who don’t yet know Him. “My only aim in life is to reach the unreached with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to bring the lost souls into the fold of Christ,” Devang says. “No matter what difficulties come in my life, I will be ready to carry the cross and follow Him.” Some images on these pages are GFA stock photos. A t age 25, Devang Gogoi may be a young pastor, but he knows he is doing exactly what God wants. It is because of God’s constant grace on Devang’s life—even when he had wandered away from Him—that Devang’s heart burns with passion to lead others toward Christ.