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Ministry Focus { G O SPE L T R AC T S } A Bedside Gospel Tract D eepa’s husband was drunk again. Ronak had claimed to be a believer in Christ when they first met. But since the time they were married, the only god she had seen him worship was alcohol. Whenever Ronak drank, he’d beat Deepa, leaving her to feel the pangs of rejection and despair. Offering sacrifices to her god was the only thing she knew to do to help her husband—and she was desperate for intervention. But nothing changed, and Deepa’s hope faded away. Her Husband’s Opposition A Hard Heart Faithfulness Rewarded One day, Deepa met women from a Gospel for Asia Women’s Fellowship. After hearing her story, they encouraged Deepa and gave her a New Testament and other Christian literature. But Deepa hardened her heart. I worship [my god], she thought, and if he can do nothing, then how will this Jesus help me? Seeing his wife’s strong commitment to Christ caused Ronak to examine his own life. He began to feel the Lord was using her to bring him back to his First Love. Shame, regret and disappointment in himself had kept Ronak far from God, but now he did not want to keep running. Ronak recommitted his life to Christ. Today, Ronak’s in Bible college, fueled with a passion to reach those who do not know Jesus. Deepa rejoices in the change only Jesus could have made in her husband. A Dream Changes Everything A few days later, Deepa had a dream. In it, a violent rainstorm headed her direction. She grabbed her two children and ran to find a safe haven. She wondered if this Jesus would help them. Suddenly, there He stood by the road. He showed her the way to the church and asked her to go inside. Deepa knew she would be safe there, so she ran toward it. She woke from her dream with a start and saw the Christian literature lying by her bed. Curious to learn more about the Man in her dream, Deepa read the tract then the New Testament she had been given. As she read, Deepa realized the sacrifice Christ made for her on the cross and opened her heart to Him. Deepa began attending the local church services, and she faithfully prayed to Jesus for her husband to change his drunken ways. But instead, Ronak became crueler than he had been before—he even burned her Bible. Yet Deepa refused to give up her faith. Having experienced a strength and peace like none she had known before, Deepa knew she could never go back to her old way of life no matter how her husband treated her. Think About It How different would Deepa and Ronak’s story be if there had been no Christian literature for Deepa to read when she awoke from her dream? Imagine the joy of knowing that one day we will see multitudes of brothers and sisters in heaven who were all transformed by reading one small tract—and the ripple effects it had! March 2014 | Send! | 13