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SCHOOL OF DISCIPLESHIP A GRACE D THEY’VE NEVER SEEN avid wasn’t even a week into his year at Gospel for Asia’s School of Discipleship when he nervously approached the office of one of GFA’s senior leaders, rehearsing his confession and preparing for the worst. I’m probably going to be sent home, he thought as he shared certain details he had left off his application. Instead, the leader didn’t so much as flinch. “When I looked up at his face, nothing had changed,” David says. “His expression was calm and loving.” David left with a new thought running through his mind: I’ve never seen this before. A Chance to Die Students who apply to School of Discipleship arrive expecting a challenging year of stretching themselves and dying to their desires. What often surprises them is the love in the community they live in and work with for 11 months. “I didn’t expect there to be such an atmosphere of grace,” says Joshua, a student. Upon arrival at Gospel for Asia’s U.S. headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, students settle into their new homes and spend three days in orientation, learning GFA’s history, meeting department coordinators and getting a feel for the passions that fuel the ministry. Then they’re assigned to their ministry positions, such as working in the call center, writing articles and even programming the website. 14 | Gospel for Asia |