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Guest Writer { SH A R L E NA , C A NA DA’ S S C HO OL OF DIS C I PL E SH I P } How can I live a “normal” Christian lifestyle when Jesus said we must forsake all to follow Him? No Room for Halfhearted Followers In January 2013, Sharlena, 19, left home to attend Gospel for Asia Canada’s School of Discipleship. While still a student, she shared her thoughts on sacrifice, loving God and her goal to follow Him with all her heart. L earning to forsake all. It seems like a daunting task: Forsake all the world has to offer to lay up treasures in heaven and let go of family and friends in order for Jesus to be all I live for. However, since I came to Gospel for Asia’s School of Discipleship and began reading several books on how to be a disciple of Jesus, the Lord has shown me He will take care of me wherever I am. In John 6:60–69, it says many followed Jesus and heard His teachings, but when it came down to His difficult sayings, many chose to leave. He then turned to the 12 and asked them if they wanted to leave as well. This is when Someone once said, “If the Christian faith is worth believing in at all, it is worth believing in heroically.” That is my prayer: to believe heroically, to be all or nothing. This last verse of a poem by Amy Carmichael pretty Peter spoke up, saying, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You much sums up what I want to aspire to: a crazy, maniac have the words of eternal life” (v.68). disciple sold out for Jesus. Those verses keep me in the battle. It wouldn’t make sense for me to leave now, especially knowing what I do about the Lord. Those verses help me persevere in times of trouble. Give me the love that leads the way, As Christians, I believe we should be all in for Jesus. The faith that nothing can dismay, As my classmates and I read True Discipleship by William The hope no disappointments tire, McDonald, one quote that stood out to me was, “There is The passion that will burn like fire, no room for halfhearted followers in His army.” It is a cut- Let me not sink to be a clod: and-dried statement, and being a very black-and-white Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God* person, I took notice. *“Make Me Thy Fuel” by Amy Carmichael It’s all or nothing for those who are disciples of Christ. This “revelation” alone sparks a zeal inside me I don’t want to ever quench. How can I live a “normal” Christian lifestyle when Jesus said we must forsake all to follow Him? If I want to be a disciple of Jesus, it can’t be without zeal. gfa. org Visit to hear more from Sharlena and other School of Discipleship students endeavoring to live sold-out lives to Christ. 16 | Gospel for Asia |