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Prayer Focus { I N T E RC E DI NG F OR A L O S T WOR L D —T O GE T H E R } The Courage to Follow R ahman was enjoying a day at the park with his friends when a Christian pastor handed him a Gospel tract. Rahman’s high position in society would have otherwise forbid him to get involved in the “tribal religion,” but he folded the tract and stowed it carefully in his shirt pocket to read later. When Rahman had the chance to read the little piece of Gospel literature, the words sunk into his heart. Over the next few days, he wrote to the pastor. After learning more about the Lord, Rahman chose to become a Christian. But even as a teenager, he knew changing his religion was an extremely serious thing. He feared his parents’ response, so he kept his new faith a secret. Rahman stood firm and, when given the opportunity, even shared God’s love with his friends. God worked mightily through Rahman’s life, answering prayers and also miraculously providing a job for one of his friends. When the opportunity came for Rahman to work full time as a Bridge of Hope social worker, he jumped at the chance. It didn’t matter that he had to give up his well-paying job, which offered what others considered security for his future. “I am delighted to join with the work of God in Bridge of Hope,” he shared. “I am not worried about what the world speaks about me, including my family circle. I know the Lord I met in my life is faithful and truthful in every circumstance, and He will show me the way for my future.” Images on this page are GFA stock photos. Growing Boldness As the years passed, Rahman hungered to know the Lord more. He faithfully read his New Testament and any other literature the pastor gave him. When Rahman finished college, he took a teaching job in his home village. It was then that he came in contact with a Gospel for Asia pastor who worked in a village more than 80 miles away. Even though the journey was a long one, Rahman didn’t miss a Sunday service, where he could soak in biblical teaching. Learning to study his Bible and being discipled by his pastor, Rahman grew in boldness. When his parents finally discovered his long-kept secret, they were angry and warned him to renounce Jesus. But Think About It There are many others like Rahman who must make decisions about what path to take for their futures. Like Jesus says, “. . . narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it” (Matthew 7:14). Let’s pray they, too, have courage and boldness to follow the Lord wherever He leads them. March 2014 | Send! | 17