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NEWS from the MISSION FIELDS Phailin Reconstruction Underway INDIA – Reconstruction began in February on approximately 100 homes that were damaged or destroyed after Cyclone Phailin devastated India’s eastern shoreline in October. As of right now, the goal is to rebuild 1,000 homes. The reconstruction will take one to two years to finish, and GFA Compassion Services teams hope to rebuild more houses as the resources become available. Daniel Punnose, vice president of Gospel for Asia, hopes the reconstruction will be a beacon of light and hope to those who have faced tremendous wreckage because of the cyclone. “Just like in the past, we are here for the long haul,” Punnose said. “When everyone else has gone, we stay back to help bring hope and rebuild people’s lives.” Cyclone Phailin left nearly a million people misplaced, seeking refuge in government-run shelters or homes of relatives in other parts of the country. After floodwaters receded, many returned to houses that were missing walls or that were completely demolished by the heavy winds and rain. Some, after experiencing such devastation, have decided to rebuild their lives away from the shore. GFA Compassion Services were the first relief teams some people saw after Phailin’s aftermath. For immediate assistance, the teams provided necessary supplies, like food, while also praying and counseling for those hurting. They continue to minister while the reconstruction takes place. gfa. org To see photos of the devastation and the relief work, go to A good plan for the future will help you care for your loved ones, determine the care you will gfa. org Visit today, or call our Legacy Partners department receive and even help people in Asia after you’ve at 800-946-2742 for more gone to be with the Lord. Our GFA Legacy website information or to request includes videos, an online will planner, calculators, our Christian Guide to real-life examples of various plans and an opportunity Planning Your Will & Trust. to subscribe to helpful Legacy e-newsletters. 6 | Gospel for Asia | Be a good steward of what God has entrusted to you by planning now because the best time to plan your future is before it happens. Some images on these pages are GFA stock photos. Planning for the Future for Peace of Mind Today