Dispensing Love Amid a Slum

Hopelessness and tension permeated the already polluted air. Slum homes lined the open field. Families struggling to provide, fathers addicted to the bottle and helpless widows lived here together, huddled under their…

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When a Fever Breaks

Eight-year-old Aahva sat strangely silent among nine other children from the slum who had gathered for Sunday School. His unusual behavior didn’t go unnoticed by the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Sisters of…


An Uncle’s Life-saving Love

Dhiraj tried to hush his upset wife, concerned her harsh words would reach his nephew’s ears, but she would not be hushed. She urged him to dump their nephew, 8-year-old Mani, at…

Like Mani, this boy received love and acceptance from Gospel for Asia-supported workers.