Church Opposition Prevents Attendance; 200 Believers Kept Out of Sunday Worship


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CARROLLTON, Texas, April 13, 2012—Anti-Christians in South Asia have restricted more than 200 believers who attend Pastor Sayam Chandran’s church from attending Sunday worship service. Right now, only 70-90 believers fit in the limited space where the services take place. The Gospel for Asia-supported pastor purchased a piece of land to build a bigger church, but anti-Christians are not permitting any construction to take place.

The 200 plus believers who aren’t able to make it to the services receive house visits from Sayam throughout the week to be encouraged and discipled in their faith.

Despite the current opposition, Pastor Sayam has earned the respected title of a religious teacher in 10 neighboring villages because of the many miracles that have happened through his prayers and dedicated ministry.

Gospel for Asia president, K.P. Yohannan, values every prayer lifted up on behalf of Pastor Sayam, the believers in this area and the many others facing similar circumstances.

“We’re so grateful for our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are praying for pastors like Sayam,” Yohannan said. “It is through these faithful prayers that God’s work is established.”

Gospel for Asia is an evangelical mission organization based in Carrollton, Texas, involved in sharing the love of Jesus across South Asia.