From Prisoner to Loving Father

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Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastors like Kagan (not pictured) bring Christ’s love to the communities they serve.

Aidan needed help. The 28-year-old’s newborn son was ill. Aidan and his wife, Ella, were about to take the baby to the hospital, but there was one person they needed to see first—one who had been with Aidan for many years, one who had helped him in the past. This individual had seen Aidan much changed from his younger years.

Facing Consequences

When Aidan was 15 years old, he led a rebellious and rowdy life. With his fellows in crime, Aidan had spiraled into a life of vice and greed. One day, he and his gang had a particularly brave idea. They would steal a van and sell the parts for money.

Surprisingly, the plan worked. After stealing the van, the teens drove it several miles to a different city and even managed to disassemble it and sell the parts. Aidan spent his portion of the money lavishly—at least until the police arrested the young man and his friends.

Needing Help, Needing Direction

While in jail, Aidan received a visit from Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Kagan, who had known the young man since he was 13 years old. Each time he visited; the pastor would pray for the wayward youth. These visits from Pastor Kagan continued throughout Aidan’s eight years in jail.

By the time of Aidan’s release, he had nothing. Nobody would hire Aidan due to his past. Unable to find a job, he was likely tempted to return to his old ways, to his old life. But then, Pastor Kagan stepped in again. With Pastor Kagan’s constant encouragement and recommendation, Aidan was able to secure a job in a clothing factory to get himself back on his feet. And while there, he met his future wife, Ella.

For the next few years, Aidan and Ella led a happy life. Then came the news that Ella was pregnant. Aidan was ecstatic when she gave birth to a boy. But that happiness would turn into terror several months later.

God’s Intervention

Two months after their son’s birth, the baby fell ill, much to Aidan and Ella’s concern. Before they took him to the hospital, Aidan called Pastor Kagan for prayer. The pastor rushed over and prayed for the baby before the family hurried to the hospital. To the young parents’ surprise, doctors proclaimed there was nothing wrong with their baby boy. He had been healed.

At that moment, Aidan and Ella fully realized God’s power in their lives, and they embraced it. While they were first hesitant to attend the church, fearful of what people might say knowing Aidan’s past, Pastor Kagan kindly encouraged them. The couple, especially Aidan, could no longer ignore the love of God.

Aidan had changed from a rebellious, foolhardy young man to a dedicated husband, loving father and man of God as Pastor Kagan faithfully offered—and exemplified— Christ’s love. Aidan and his family began a new chapter of life knowing that God truly saves.

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